Introducing Apple's iOS 6 The World's Most Advanced Mobile Operating System

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The Apple WWDC conference has come and gone, and all of Apple’s secrets have poured out, or at least the ones that Apple wanted to share with the general public.

The most prestigious news unveiled at the conference involved the announcement of iOS 6, the latest version of the operating system that runs on Apple’s mobile devices.

Instead of covering everything that the iOS platform does, we’re merely going to cover the features that have been added in the latest version of the OS, because there’s a lot of them.

Some of these new features have been on iOS user wishlists for some time now, and others will come as a pleasant surprise, either way they will contribute to what Apple claims is the “world’s most advanced mobile operating system.”

Introducing Apple’s iOS 6 – “The world’s most advanced mobile operating system”

Apple has added some of the best features to date in iOS 6, but don’t take our word for it. Here is a small sample of what the latest version of iOS has to offer.


Passbook For iOS 6

iPhone and iPad users will never have to remember a ticket or boarding pass again, unless the venue does not support the new Passbook feature. Passbook is a brand new etickets app that allows users to keep a digital copy of a ticket, pass or business loyalty card via their iOS device. There’s no need to rummage around in an oversized purse or wallet for the proper cards or tickets.

Apple has also identified that the ticket application will update with the proper information, for instance, with an airline ticket, Passport would notify the user when their departure gate has changed or their flight has been delayed.

iOS 6 Improved Phone App

Improved Phone App in iOS 6

The iPhone has a new and improved phone app. Are you unsure about what that means? We’re going to tell you! Calm down.

Now the iPhone can automatically reject calls and send out a reply message on command. The iPhone can also alert you to call someone back when you reach a certain location, like home.

A new “Do Not Disturb” mode will also silence all notifications and keep the phone screen off when messages are received. iPhone users can also set a custom silence rule to allow messages from a select group of people to send an alert. For instance, if you only want messages from your significant other to alert you and all others to be silenced, that can now be done.

An Improved Mail App

Improved Mail App in iOS 6

iOS Mail has been improved to include a new VIP feature that lets users streamline emails from certain contacts for easy access. Apple has also implemented the swipe-to-refresh feature to make email server updates fast and convenient.

iOS 6 is Now Packed with Additional Features to Provide an Improved User Experience

Experience Facetime Over a 3G Connection

This feature is self-explanatory. You can now use the Facetime app over an active 3G connection.

Updated Safari Browser

Improved Safari Browser For iOS 6

The Safari browser has been updated with brand new features that are available across all iOS devices. The biggest update is the inclusion of an offline reading list, which saves full web pages and not just the links, for browsing while offline. Getting ready for a hiking trip in the middle of nowhere, out of cell range, and still want to read up on the local wildlife? No problem, just save the related page, and you can browse it at any time later through the offline reading app.

Are you sick and tired of locating your previous place on a web page or link when switching from your iPhone to your iPad? Well, worry no more because now the Safari browser features iCloud tabs, which allows you to pick up browsing at any time right from where you left off on another device. iCloud synchronizes your browsing tabs so that they may be viewed on other Apple devices.

The browser also includes additional features such as landscape viewing support, and native photo sharing through the browser.

New Photo Stream Support

Shared Photo Streams in iOS 6

Now users can filter their personal photo stream so that only select individuals can see photos. Ever have those moments where you don’t want your family to see raunchy party pics from the weekend? No problem, after tapping share you can select only the friends you want to be able to see the album and related pictures.

Siri Expands, Also in Smart Cars

Siri Expands in iOS 6

Siri is smarter, and apparently she is also in cars now. There is not much else to talk about here except for the fact that Siri will now be available in more languages and is now compatible with the new iPad in iOS 6.

Facebook Integration

Facebook is now Integrated Into iOS 6

Much like iOS has always been integrated with Twitter support, it now includes integrated Facebook support. Every aspect of Facebook will now be integrated into iOS devices. Facebook events and dates will show up in calendar, Facebook friends will be included in the phone contacts list, the photo app can upload directly to Facebook, and Siri can even post updates for you!

Guided Access For Children

Guided Access For iOS 6

Guided Access can disable functions on an iOS device and make it easier for children, visually impaired folks or those with disabilities to navigate. Teachers, administrators, or parents, can disable the home screen button or the exit button in the top right corner of the screen so that the device stays within one app. It works with every application on the device and helps to provide extra accessibility options.

iOS devices will soon be compatible with “Made for iPhone” hearing aids that will provide a “power-efficient and high-quality audio experience.”

New Proprietary Maps App for GPS and Navigation

Proprietary Maps App For iOS 6

iOS now has a proprietary GPS and navigation service called Maps. The Maps application includes turn-by-turn navigation support, real-time traffic updates, map zooming and panning options and an urban flyover feature that allows users to view cities and landmarks in a virtual environment.

There Are Device Limitations

Unfortunately, iOS 6 will not be available for every Apple device on the market, there are a few cutoff models. iOS 6 will support iPhones from model 3GS onwards, the second and third generation iPads, and fourth generation iPod touches. Anything below the required models will not be compatible with the new iOS 6 mobile operating system.

Apple’s iOS 6 Release Date Set For Autumn

Apple has not announced a release date yet for iOS 6, but they have projected a rather vague “fall” period. That could put the availability of iOS 6 close to the release of the new iPhone.

As soon as we have more news on the release of iOS 6 we’ll update accordingly.

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  1. So excited about this iOS 6 release. Shame there is no set release date yet, but wow Apple are an awesome marketing company (I seldom get excited about things like I do apple products)

  2. I am really looking forward to this new iOS 6 because i read a lot of good reviews about it. I am excited to update my iPhone and i can’t wait. 🙂

  3. Cant wait to get hand on iOS 6, the beta version is availabe but i prefer using a stabel release. Oh and iOS 5 users can get the iOS6 theme to get the similar look.

  4. on which processor it will run??

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