The Best of The Best, Alternative iPad Browsers

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The stock iPad browser leaves something to be desired.

Sometimes a mobile device’s pre-installed web browser just doesn’t cut it. Stock browsers often lack certain features that can be attained by using third party software. Safari happens to be the stock browser on all iOS devices including the iPad, and even though it’s a more than capable mobile web browser – there are better third party apps available.

Most folks have no clue that there are other browsers on the market, with better features and improved user interfaces that are designed to speed up web browsing. Some of the most prominent iPad browsers are free, while others cost a little bit of dough. A lot of the browsers can require a bit of digging to find, at least the type of digging that requires looking through the app store catalog.

Unfortunately, the Apple app store can become increasingly overwhelming, especially when trying to find new apps. We’re going to help out and cover some of the best iPad browsers currently available.

The Best iPad Browsers in The Apple App Store

Here are some of the best iPad browsers available. Keep in mind this list is short and does not include every browser in existence; there may, or may not, be other browsers worth checking out aside from what is mentioned here.

Dolphin Browser HD for iPadDolphin Browser

The Dolphin Browser was primarily designed for large screens (of course it’s available on mobile devices as well), and works to translate traditional desktop browser features to portable devices. The Dolphin iPad browser supports tabbed windows, a mobile sidebar menu, a unique bookmarks bar and of course a full screen mode which makes proper use of the large iPad screen landscape. The Dolphin browser also takes advantage of the basic gesture features of the iPad to allow navigation through simple finger gestures and screen swipes.

The best part about the Dolphin iPad browser is that it retains speedy performance, while using a relatively light amount of resources. There is one critical issue with the Dolphin browser, it has yet to be updated for use with the new iPad’s retina display.

Dolphin Browser HD for iPad (iTunes)

Mobicip Safe Browser for iPadSafe Browser

The focus of Safe Browser is quite different from other third party iPad browsers on the app market. Instead of promising innovative features and a fresh user interface, Safe Browser promises a healthy browsing environment for younger audiences.

In the modern internet world, adult content is everywhere, and younger audiences can often be exposed to content they shouldn’t see. Safe Browser makes use of a dynamic filter which works to block any, and all, adult content found scattered across the web. Safe Browser’s dynamic filtering is advertised to work better than a simple blacklist.

Mobicip Safe Browser

Some of The Best iPad Browsers Are Also Unique

As you can tell, each of the listed iPad browsers have a feature or two which makes them unique. It’s essential to remember that uniqueness is required for a relatively new browser, especially when considering the fact that all browser apps do exactly the same thing. The next three browsers are some of the most unique browsers available in the Apple app market, and we’re pretty confident that you’ll agree with us.

Night Browser for iPadNight Browser

Most third party iPad browsers boast about having a brilliantly bright user interface that utilizes the full brightness capacity of the iPad’s screen. Sometimes brightness can be a serious issue, like when sharing a bed at night with a spouse or romantic partner. Night Browser works to allow iPad browsing without a high brightness rating, and even includes an in-app brightness setting. The unique brightness button is kept within the main browser window at all times, allowing quick adjustments to be made.

The entire user interface is designed to be clear and concise even at extremely low brightness levels. The Night Browser also includes standard browser support for a native Google search bar, a bookmark menu, in-depth browser history listings, and of course support for portrait and landscape screen rotation.

Night Browser for iPad

Skyfire Browser for iPadSkyfire Browser

The Skyfire browser is slightly more expensive than some of the other browsers ($4.99 for the iPad version), but it includes one feature the others do not. Skyfire can play flash videos and display flash based content. Unfortunately, not all websites and flash content is supported, but Skyfire has been updated since its inception to include more and more support.

The Skyfire Browser also includes a hefty list of user interface and traditional browser experiences which enhances web browsing on the iPad. The Skyfire browser includes a full screen mode (portrait and landscape), Retina display support, a unique bottom menu bar and login/logout features for stored user preferences and settings.

Skyfire Web Browser for iPad

Duo Web Browser for iPadDuo Browser

This app is one of the most unique iPad browsers available, and it allows users to view two browser windows simultaneously (side-by-side) on one iPad screen. Duo Browser is excellent for increasing productivity, and for those Windows 7 users who are familiar with the ‘Snap’ feature. While Duo Browser does include some basic features like a quick history cleaner, and the standard browsing options it has not been thoroughly designed yet. Of course, Duo browser has incredible potential, but it’s necessary to remember the developers are still tweaking the app and increasing performance.

It is worth noting that the Duo browser is available free, and works as a superb browser alternative when dual windows are required.

Duo Browser for iPad

The Best iPad Browsers Available

Of course, the iPad browsers listed above are some of the best available on the market, but they’re not the only ones. Applications are continuously being created and designed, so even more useful iPad browsers may pop up in the future. Please feel free to contribute to the community by listing other notable iPad browsers in the comments section below.

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