13 Google Chrome Extensions No One Should Live Without

by Briley 9

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The Chrome internet browser has become very popular, and so have the Google Chrome extensions. With all of Chrome’s features, including hundreds of external applications and extensions and a completely open source code system, it’s hard to see why it wouldn’t be popular.

But considering the Google Chrome Web Store is littered with hundreds, upon hundreds, of extensions, applications and goodies it can be hard for someone new to the scene to pick out the best available.

That’s why we’ve narrowed it down for you, into 13 Google Chrome extensions no one should live without, and one freebie (for you “productive” workaholics).

13 Google Chrome Extensions No One Should Live Without

Google Chrome Extensions- Adblock Main Features1.) Adblock– Everyone hates ads, but with the Adblock extension for Chrome no one has to deal with them again. Seriously, this is not a commercial, especially considering the extension is free. Adblock automatically blocks pesky ads on website pages which are recorded in an internal database.

2.) StayFocusd– The StayFocusd extension is perfect for anyone that does work on a computer, and has a hard time staying on task. The StayFocusd extension can increase “productivity” by blocking certain web sites, and adding a time limit to external sites that aren’t blocked. These methods ensure the user does not stray too far from the correct places, and remains on task. It’s a perfect extension for those who work from home.

3.) Chrome Toolbox– The Chrome Toolbox extension by Google adds some more advanced browser options and commands to spruce up any browsing experience. For example users can save unsubmitted internet form data for use later, view web videos in standalone windows, and can pre-define the browser to open all links in an external window.

Smooth Gesture- Google Chrome Extensions in action4.) Smooth Gestures– Smooth Gestures is the next best thing to owning a touch screen monitor, well… sort of. The Smooth Gestures application allows users to perform actions using a series of pre-defined mouse and keyboard gestures such as swiping across the screen or scrolling up/down.

5.) WiseStamp– This extension works hand and hand with a Google mail or G-mail account, so naturally if you prefer another mail service this extension is useless to you. Basically the WiseStamp extension allows users to include social media and social network profile links in their e-mail signature.

6.) Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail– This extension is essential for anyone that uses a Gmail account and would rather keep an external application open instead of Gmail in an open browser window. Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail provides users with unread messages notifications and allows them to preview new mail, delete, or mark it as spam.

7.) RSS Subscription Extension– The RSS Subscription Extension from Google adds a one click button to any content that belongs to an RSS feed, allowing the user to subscribe quickly and easily.

8.) Google Chrome to Phone– This extension allows users to send relevant links and information to their Android phone. This is an essential extension for Android users, as it allows a completely integrated browsing experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Official Facebook Google Chrome Browser Extension Notification9.) Official Facebook Extension– The Official Facebook Extension for Google Chrome alerts or notifies a user whenever something interesting happens on Facebook. So instead of leaving a browser window logged into the site all the time, users can now rely on the extension to alert them when something cool happens! The extension will alert users when someone comments on their wall or posts, invites them to local events, posts to a group page, sends a friend request, or sends a new personal message.

10.) PriceBlink– If you love e-shopping then PriceBlink is the extension for you! PriceBlink locates lower prices, coupons and reviews on products while still allowing users to continue shopping.

11.) Monster Jobs– The Monster Chrome extension allows users to browse the internet and look for jobs simultaneously. Jobs are in high demand these days, and therefore such an extension is in need. The Monster Jobs extension also allows users to see job postings for individual sites they are visiting.

12.) goo.gl URL Shortener– This extension is essential for anyone that uses links on social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook or business blogs. The goo.gl URL Shortener extension takes any internet URL, lengthy or not, and shortens it into a very simple link for use anywhere.

Picnik Google Chrome Browser Extension in action13.) Picnik– Allows users to take screen captures and pictures directly from the browser window, as well as edit existing photos. No additional software is needed.

Extra Google Chrome Extensions That Will Keep You Safe In the Workplace

Freebie.) PanicButton– Do you work in a cubicle, and frequently find yourself looking on pages that you shouldn’t be, while at work? The PanicButton extension allows users to quickly and easily hide all open Chrome tabs with a single button and restore them later.


13 Google Chrome Extensions No One Should Live Without

So there you have it, 13 essential Google Chrome extensions that will be useful for a range of different users. Of course this list is far from comprehensive, but feel free to share more useful Google Chrome extensions and applications in the comments section below!

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  1. Another great add-on is called Tawk. It lets you use voice commands to browse and search the Internet, as well as search history, print, clear cookies, and probably the coolest thing fill out forms, write emails and chat with your voice! It’s a free one…

  2. Now Adblock Plus (the original we know from Firefox) is available for Chrome as well: http://chrome-plugins.org/extensions/chrome-adblock-plus/

  3. One of my most used is “print”
    Simple function.

  4. Security security security … Where are security plugins extensions ??? Ghostery, cookie control, flash/shockwave/silverlight/ cokie control and block, secure sandboxed java and so on ! You are way to optimistic !!! Glass user !!! Think abaut it !

  5. Extensions to manage notes are missing from list. I found ‘Auto Notes’ particularly promising.

  6. Here’s another cool list of chrome extensions. This one will be loved by non-geeks and geeks alike http://www.dahotre.com/ramblings/top-chrome-extensions

  7. Check out Feedbro – an excellent feed reader (RSS, Atom, RDF) to replace Google Reader. Works as a standalone Chrome extension! Fast & easy to use.
    Available in Chrome Web Store: http://goo.gl/UG34Y

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