Nokia Strikes Some Deals, Brings Exclusive Apps to The Windows Phone Platform

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Apps make the mobile world go ’round.

One of the main selling points of any smartphone, be it Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Phone is the amount of available apps ready for download and use. The increased selection of apps isn’t the only thing important when choosing a phone, the actual apps offered also plays a large role in the process.

If a mobile platform doesn’t have a Twitter or Facebook app available, you can bet your soul that no one will be interested in purchasing a device that uses it. Everyone has a favorite app, and those individual apps are what make and break a mobile experience.

Windows Phone has been chugging along behind Android and iOS when it comes to app selection. There are about 500,000-600,000 apps in the Android and Apple markets, whereas the Windows mobile market only has approximately 80,000.

Nokia Lumia 90080,000 apps may seem like a nice selection to some folks, but once those people start hearing their friends with an Android or iPhone brag about their favorite apps they’ll quickly realize their missing out on a lot.

Nokia Strikes a Deal With Several Software Companies to Bring Exclusive Apps And Content to Windows Phone And Lumia Devices

Nokia has plans to change the mobile app game, at least when it comes to Windows Phone devices. Today Nokia announced that it struck deals with a plethora of software companies, in order to offer a wider selection of mobile apps on the Windows Phone platform. Among the companies included in the deals are Rovio, Box, Groupon, Electronic Arts, and ESPN.

The partnership encourages the related software companies to create exclusive applications and content for Nokia’s line of Lumia Windows Phone devices, like the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 900.

Marco Argenti, Senior Vice President of the Nokia Developer Experience, says, “we are focused on delivering great, locally relevant apps, and importantly, those which offer unique, exclusive and original experiences.”

Nokia is trying to prove that their platform is important in the mobile scene, and subsequently they aim to expand their customer base by offering exclusive apps. It’s an excellent plan, especially in a market controlled almost completely by the release and availability of third party apps.

Several exclusive apps were unveiled at the CTIA event, where Nokia originally made the announcement. Among those soon to be available were the following: a PGA Tour app (with a twelve month exclusive period), and a variety of ESPN apps (also with a twelve month exclusive period). In addition, there will be a Groupon app (exclusive for six months), the Tripdots travel app (exclusive for three months), and the AOL Entertainment Hub (exclusive for six months).
Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Invests in Rovio, Earns Support of Dedicated Development Team For Lumia And Windows Phone Devices

Nokia announced that Rovio has assembled a dedicated team to create exclusive apps for Lumia devices and the Windows Phone platform; the dedicated development team is kind of like the Avengers, only not as cool and they’re completely devoid of all the superpowers.

“Nokia and Rovio will partner to develop innovative new consumer products and content exclusively for Nokia Lumia smartphones, alongside cross platform multichannel integrated marketing initiatives,” as Nokia noted, concerning the announcement in their official press release.

It’s not been officially confirmed, but it seems that Nokia has struck a similar deal with Electronic Arts for exclusive content, which we’ll likely hear more about at a later date.

The real news here is that the Windows Phone platform, and more specifically Nokia Lumia devices, will have a larger selection of exclusive content and applications. This is music to the ears of WP users, or at least we think so.

Nokia Lumia And Windows Phone Devices on The Rise

Nokia Lumia 900Windows Phone is certainly a contender in the current mobile industry, and as the platform grows to include more app support and exclusive features we can expect to see lots more consumers migrate to the platform if they haven’t already.

According to a quarterly earnings report, Nokia has sold an approximate total of 2 million Lumia handsets to date, across more than 48 different markets worldwide where the phones are available.

Microsoft certainly has Nokia to thank for their increasing success with the Windows Phone platform, but we hope they don’t lose sight of the real importance here: apps and exclusive content make the mobile world go ’round.

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  1. It’s good that there are lots of apps available for different phones. I’m not really sure if developing apps exclusively for Windows platform will be a good idea

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