Introduction to Angry Birds (Part 1)

by Navam Niles 18

Angry Birds Game: Introduction

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games to hit the mobile gaming scene in recent years. Many of us are already well acquainted with its fun challenges and simplistic game play. However, the Angry Birds game is more than just another game on the block, it has managed to do something very few games have been able to do; develop a cult-like following amongst a broad range of dedicated fans. Moreover, the Angry Birds game has revitalized puzzle-based video games, a genre that has remained relatively static for years.

When it comes to action or strategy games that work primarily on the PC or gaming console, there are plenty of factors in play that define a successful game. Popular games generally feature mind-blowing graphics, intense game play and tons of multi-player features. Once a game has all the right ingredients, it has the ability to stay on the scene for years without the need to introduce major design changes.

Angry Birds GameHowever, unlike action games, it is notoriously difficult to create blockbuster puzzle games because there are very few factors that can be tweaked. The fact that the Angry Birds game was primarily designed for mobile gaming created a variety of hardware constraints for developers. Ultimately, it has managed to become an overnight success because it has combined the right elements including interesting challenges, a fun UI, catchy tunes, broad compatibility and a variety of upgrades that enhance the game while preserving its originality.

Angry Birds Game play

The basic plot revolves around a flock of birds who are now locked in a suicidal battle against a group of green pigs that have stolen their eggs. In each level, the pigs will be defended by a variety of defensive fortifications made from materials such as ice, stone and wood. Gamers, will have to use a slingshot to launch the birds against the pigs directly or strategically hit the structures in a way that it collapses over the targeted pigs. Naturally, as the game progresses, the composition of the fortifications and the arsenal of birds also improve.

The birds themselves have certain special features. As you start the game, you will only get access to the red bird. There is nothing special about this one but as you progress you will get to launch other variants include blue, yellow and black birds. These birds all have special abilities that can be activated once they are launched. For instance, the blue bird will split into three, the yellow bird can accelerate and do more damage, and the black bird can drop explosive eggs on the targets. Even the pigs have different variants with the smallest ones being the most vulnerable and the bigger ones, especially those with helmets or crowns, being able to take much more damage.

If you manage to pass the level with a few birds remaining, those birds automatically become worth bonus points. If you fail to pass a particular level, you will have to replay it in order to unlock the other levels. Keep in mind, that failure will prompt the pigs to playfully mock you, which in turns become an incentive in itself. Passing the level, is not all that counts, the goal is to do so by using the least amount of birds while doing as much damage as possible. This means, players will have to hit fortifications in a manner that will do maximum damage and kill the pigs in the process; each element of a fortification can yield points. Depending on your performance, you will get a rating of one, two or three stars.

Angry Birds: Compatibility

Unlike most other games, Angry Birds fans can play on most platforms including iOS , Android, Symbian, PSP, Windows Phone 7, Google Plus and Facebook. Click here for the iOS version: Angry Birds on iOS

There are four basic iOS versions: Angry Birds Free/Paid ($0.99), Angry Birds Rio Free/Paid ($0.99) and Angry Birds Seasons ($0.99). All the versions are compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that run on iOS 3.0 or later. Overall, the reaction has been hugely positive with all three versions managing to get a (4+/5) rating. More importantly, the iOS version of the Angry Birds game has a strong advantage over other rivals because it has got more access to exclusive Angry Birds updates, which is probably due to the fact that the iOS platform has been largely responsible for putting the game on the map. Examples of exclusive iOS Angry Birds updates include the initial Halloween edition. There is also an exclusive version for the iPad called Angry Birds HD.

Angry Birds Game: Free/Paid Version

Angry BirdsThe Angry Birds free version is not merely set to tempt buyers into buying the full version, which almost everyone will end up doing. It also features 15 levels that are not available in the full game, 5 mini episodes and the ability to share achievements. To make the game more competitive, it also includes leaderships boards that are derived based on the performance of your friends.

The Angry Birds paid version contains over 288 unique levels in addition to the other standard features. Like the free version,  you can share your achievements on Facebook or Twitter, and compete for the top position on the leaderships boards.

Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds SeasonsAngry Birds Seasons brings a sensational amount of  colour and animations that really set it apart from the other versions; it just seems more exotic. This Angry Birds game is based on the Chinese Moon-cake Festival theme.

This version may be a relatively shorter game with only 30 new levels but what it lacks in volume, it makes up in sheer quality.


The Angry Birds Rio Free/Paid Version

Angry Birds RioThe Angry Birds Rio Free version is set in Rio de Janeiro. In this game, the Angry birds have been shipped to this wonderful city, where they escape and set out to find two of their friends named Blu and Jewel. The game is actually based on the animated filmed called Rio. The free version contains 12 levels and 15 Rio Golden Beach Ball levels, four episodes and a variety of new achievements.

The Angry Birds Rio paid version features the same plot line but comes loaded with a total of 135 new levels, new achievements, special fruits (a secondary challenge) and boss fights.

Angry Birds: The Mighty Eagle ($0.99)

Angry Birds Mighty EagleThe Might Eagle is available as an iOS in-app purchase. To get it, users must have an iTunes account that is linked to a credit card. The feature was first introduced with the “Ham ‘Em High” update. Gamers are given access to the Mighty Eagle which they can use every hour to to clear any uncompleted levels. In previously completed levels, gamers will be able to use a combination of regular birds and the Mighty Eagle to play a mini-game called “Total Destruction”, which requires the player to completely destroy all the elements of the fortifications. Those who succeed will earn a Mighty Eagle feather for the particular level.


The Angry Birds game has taken the mobile gaming world by storm and it has certainly made a mark on iOS users. The game is fun to play, beautiful to look at and challenging enough to cater to a range of players across different skill levels and age categories. The game is also highly addictive so you might want to think twice before taking a swing at work. The best thing about this game is that it manages to thrill with evolving themes and exciting new additions, while retaining its fundamental character.

Stay tuned, as we look at other versions of the Angry Birds game. In the meanwhile, let us know what you guys think about the Angry Birds game and which version you love best!

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  1. The most addicting game for the iPhone. Normally I would not tell someone not to do something, but if you have not played it then don’t. You will hooked!!!!!Mike W

    1. HAHA, too true, happened to me. I installed it on Chrome, adn got hooked, every time I opened my browser I said, ‘ah – just 1 game….’

  2. Angry Birds is very addicting game, I have it all in my devices like Mac, Iphone, Ipad and my father has it too, haha

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  3. Angry birds is awesome game. the programmer are genius. they can calculate even the tinniest object in the game.

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  4. Angry Birds is good for passing out your boring time. By far the most popular game on all mobile devices.

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  5. Er…no it’s the WHITE bird that drops bombs, the black bird IS essentially a bomb. I read through a heck of a lot of stuff I knew already to find out more stuff I knew already… disappointing.

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