Angry Birds Online Versions (Part 2)

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Angry Birds Online: Introduction

In our first post on the Angry Birds game we examined the huge impact the game has made through iOS devices. In this second part of the review, it is the online platforms that will be examined in details.

As we saw earlier, the Angry Birds online game has completely enhanced the traditional genre of puzzle-based gaming. Unlike other games of its class, it has managed to combine interesting puzzles with a wonderful game play, dazzling visuals, a variety of sound effects and of course, a comical plot: the eternal war between angry birds and greedy pigs.

While the game has proved an instant hit on various mobile platforms, it has also made strides into online platforms; most noticeably, Internet browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, and social networking sites such as Facebook and Google+.

Angry Birds OnlineAfter trying out the Angry Birds online versions while utilizing the comfort of a large screen LCD monitor (or even the regular ones) and the unrivalled flexibility of the computer mouse, all that crouching and tapping on a tiny screen of a mobile device seems more like a chore. Of course, this luxury comes at the cost being unable to challenge your co-workers and friends while riding to work or waiting for your doctor’s appointment. Now while the platforms in question are different, the fact is that the gameplay and everything else about the game is entirely the same. To make each version of the game more unique, Rovio – the publisher of the game – has introduced a variety of special features for each platform.

The latest figures according to Statcounter show that Chrome and Firefox account for 50% of the browser market. Facebook and Google+, on the other hand, account for a combined figure of around 750 million users. This should give you a good idea of the potential appeal that the game has in the long-term. Moreover, the fact that it has managed to maintain its position as one of the most popular games in all these platforms  while also generating overwhelmingly positive user-reviews, is sure to continue helpings its cause.


Angry Birds Online: Web Browsers

Angry Birds Online: Chrome

As one of the newest browsers to hit the market, Google’s Chrome web browser has seen an impressive surge and has managed to capture around 25% of the total market share, mostly at the expense of its rivals. The recent debut of Angry Birds on the Chrome App Store has managed to add flavour to an increasingly diverse selection of apps and extensions now available with the browser.

Angry Birds Online GamePredictably, the game has surged in the rankings and already boasts 1 million+ users and a “five star” rating (at the time of writing, this rating was based on the reviews of 34,936). Like the other incarnations of the game, the Chrome version of Angry Birds features hours of gameplay with over 70 unique levels, which get progressively more challenging.

In addition to the basic 70 levels there is also a bunch of exclusive Chrome dimension levels that can be unlocked if you manage to find the Chrome logo on seven different levels in the “Poached Eggs” levels. To find them you need to zoom out as far as possible to see them. If you don’t want to revisit each level and search for that logo, simply read our next post on the Angry Bird Cheats (Part 5).

Last but not least, the best thing about installing the Angry Birds online version on Chrome is that users can play offline as well as online. All you need to do is download the app from the Chrome Web Store. Once you launch it for the first time, the game will begin installation and you will be able to choose from two different display modes: SD and HD. This is great if you have a laptop or notebook computer and you do not get access to the Internet all the time.

>>> Play Angry Birds on Chrome

Angry Birds Online: Firefox

Long before Chrome hit the scene, it was Firefox that was considered as the best alternative to the Windows explorer and by some counts, it still is. The browser has undergone an immense transformation over the past few years and it looks simpler and better than ever before. This was also one of the first platforms to introduce apps. Today, it still controls around 26% of the total browser market, according to Statcoutner.

Those who want a dedicated Angry Birds app like the one found in Chrome are set to be disappointed but you can play the game for free online via This Angry Birds online version is as good as the one found in Chrome but those who play online will not be able to play the offline version of the game.

It is possible, however, to sync the game and save your progress if you follow a couple of simple steps. Close the browser from which you are playing Angry Birds online and then locate the local storage file maintained by Firefox: webappastore.sqlite. Simply copy it and back it up somewhere and when you move to another PC, replace the new file with this one. However, keep in mind that you will be moving all your data on to the other Firefox browser (you cannot backup this file and transfer it to another browser). Therefore, make sure that you clean up all your add-ons before you backup the file.

>>> Play Angry Birds on Firefox


Angry Birds Online: Social Networks

Angry Birds Online: Facebook

Angry Birds OnlineAngry Birds was released on Facebook earlier this year and it has already become a huge hit. The system, which was already heavily integrated with Facebook now reaches out to more than 725 million potential players from all around the world. Now users can enjoy their favourite online puzzle game while browsing through their most important online social network.

The games brought into Facebook are Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. All you need to do is activate the app via your Facebook profile. The app will require certain permissions to access you profile and contact information but its hardly any different from other mainstream Facebook gaming apps.

Your progress in the game will be saved and linked to your profile, which means that you can compete with any of your other friends who are also playing the game.

>>> Play Angry Birds on Facebook

Angry Birds Online: Google+

The addition of Angry Birds to Google+, which is still a fledgling social network with around 25 million users is certainly noteworthy, since the app includes a number of exclusive privileges and is actually a lot of fun to play on the clean interface that Google+ provides. To access the Angry Birds, you need to select it from the “Games” section and allow it to access the basic information on you profile and circles.

Angry Birds Online GameKeep in mind, however, that while it is very similar, it is not entirely the same as Angry Birds for Chrome. For instance, Angry Birds for Google+ does not feature HD or offline modes. However, Angry Birds for Google+ offers a more social experience for users because it is integrated with a user’s social circles. Thus, users can easily post their scores and compete with their friends while playing the game. Interestingly, while playing a particular level, you will notice your own high score and above that anyone of your friends who has scored higher. This means you will have a good idea of whom to beat while playing, which makes the game a whole lot more challenging.

Another innovative feature is the “Teamwork Episode”, which requires users to work as a team to unlock special levels. There are two different levels in this episode: Friends Playing and Friends Starts. The former lets you unlock levels by inviting your friends. The latter allows you to unlock levels when you and your friends earn the required amount of stars. Both levels are extremely addictive and challenging.

>>> Play Angry Birds on Google+ (“Games” Section)


Angry Birds Online: Conclusion

Angry Birds on online platforms is as fun and challenging as other platforms such as iOS or Android. The degree of exclusivity available on the online platforms means that the challenges you face on your computer will be slightly different from that which you face on your Smartphone or Tablet PC. The fact that you can involve the game in virtually every aspect or every environment is what really makes this game fantastic.

That’s about it for our review of the Angry Birds online game. Join us for our next segment on the Angry Birds Android version (Part 3), where we look at how the game is faring on one of the world’s most popular smartphone platforms.

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