Briley Kenney
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Briley Kenney is an electronic gadget and Techie enthusiast. He writes for several varying tech sites including Uberoid, Productwiki and TheTechLabs. He currently exercises his professional writing skills as a freelance writer for hire. You may visit his personal webpage for more info.
Ankur Arora
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Ankur Arora is a creator of striking Flash & Flex applications, impeccable markup and code, and forward-thinking ideas and applications. He work as Flash & Flex expert and have hands on experience on creating solutions for various applications. From front-end work to hardcore server-side challenges, he worked on many such projects. He has over 7 years of experience in developing Serious games, Flash applications, RIAs, Drawing APIs, Web applications and many more… You can visit his blog to know more about him and his projects.
Colin Klinkert
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Colin is the CEO of The Tech Labs, with a mission to build a site that delivers top content and well thought out opinions, allowing our community to stay informed with what is going on in the tech news space.
Navam Niles
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Navam is a future-tech enthusiast. He spends his days and nights reviewing some of the tech trends that we may come to take for granted somewhere in the future.
Joel Fernandes
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20 years young and a passionate Blogger, Web Developer, Photographer, Gamer and Entrepreneur. Not a professional in anyway! He own a tech blog at TechnoBitez and you can follow him on Twitter @joelfernandes

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