Freebie: offers Free Access to Adobe Flash Catalyst Training

by Carlos Pinho 0

The well known online training company launched a set of free video tutorials on Flash Catalyst. As mentioned by Steve Johnson, in this “Flash Catalyst Beta Preview, Mordy Golding demonstrates a workflow that emphasizes the intuitive nature of the tool, and shows how to achieve results in a short time. Meant to bridge the gap between designers and developers, Flash Catalyst allows the designer to work with familiar applications, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, while automatically generating the necessary code in the background for the developer.”


Table of contents


Welcome 1:06 15.8 MB
Understanding Flash Catalyst 2:41 2.2 MB
Using the exercise files 0:21 0.3 MB

1. Creating a Simple Project

Creating a Flash Catalyst project 3:08 2.2 MB
Adding components and change properties 5:41 3.9 MB
Exploring component states and testing a movie 5:26 4.5 MB
Creating additional page states 4:40 3.7 MB
Adding interactions to move between states 3:31 2.5 MB
Enabling smooth transitions on the timeline 5:29 4.2 MB

2. Using Design Applications

Creating content in Photoshop 10:57 11.3 MB
Creating content in Illustrator 8:37 11.6 MB
Editing content with Illustrator 5:09 5.1 MB

3. Publishing a Flash Catalyst Project

Publishing and deploying a movie 2:24 2.3 MB
Working with Flex Builder 3:57 4.2 MB


Goodbye 0:22 5.7 MB

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