Are TechCrunch Hypocrites? The Groupon Series

by The Tech Labs 1

TechCrunch have commissioned and been running posts (So Far a 4 part series) about how Groupon is the devil and certain of collapse

In the most recent article published 2 days ago, about how Daily Deal Providers May Be Violating Consumer Protection Laws, the writer is no longer just attacking Groupon but all the daily deal business models. However, he only mentions Groupon and LivingSocial the two biggest Daily Deals sites.

Bare with me here, im getting to the point…


All 4 of these posts that have got a lot of exposure are flaming Groupon, and now LivingSocial – saying that they are bad for the businesses who part take, bad for the consumers, bad for life on earth as we know it! Groupon is the Devil and should not be used or trusted by anyone. – Im not saying it isn’t true, but here is the kicker…

TechCrunch is now owned by AOL, this series of posts were commissioned a few months after AOL purchased TechCrunch, so is it, or isn’t it a surprise to find out that AOL are launching their OWN Daily Deals Site… their own Groupon Clone.

Am I missing something here, or is the thought process ‘Let’s Buy Tech Crunch, Use their vast reach to paint us (AOL) in a good light, to bash our competitors through ‘multi series’ strikes and then launch our own ‘friendly to the consumer and the business’ clone?

Are TechCrunch Hypocrites or is it a coincidence? Is this startup tech blog writing about another tech blog basically doing the same thing? In my view, there is no way TheTechLabs (TTL) will ever become a TechCrunch, simply because there are a few blogs, like TC that have the market covered and give us a full daily fix of everything we need to know in the lives of the main stories they cover: Google, Twitter and Facebook –   TTL is here to cover the other important stories about new future technologies and the changing landscape, not about who raised how much to do what 🙂

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  1. Yeah, it sounds to me as if AOL is using the blog to do their marketing. Can’t blame them for that though… it’s the same as the owner of a newspaper sharing his opinion in the articles of the Sunday edition.

    For me AOL = Evil anyway ever since many years ago I tried to cancel my account with them and they kept charging my credit cards 3-4 month in a row. 😛 I kept calling their support, they apologized, refunded and then charge me again the month after. Annoying!

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