10 Best Photo Sharing Apps For Your Android Smartphone

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The social media has gained a lot of popularity these days and with the photo sharing features in them, apps that enable you to edit and share your pics are also in huge demand. Instagram is by far the most popular app in the iOS platform but it has also made its presence felt on the Google Play market now. Below is a list of the 10 best photo sharing apps.

1. Instagram: This is the app that has redefined photo sharing in more ways than any other. With numerous fun filters and one click sharing capabilities, no wonder it is the no. 1 app on both iPhone and Android devices.

2. Flickr: For nearly seven years now, Flickr from Yahoo has been a constant medium to share your photographs on the internet. This is the biggest and the best know app next to Instagram. It also includes its own camera so that you can click pictures and edit them instantly to share on your social website profiles.

Instagram App3. Photobucket: This app enables you to upload and download the favorite photos you have on Photobucket website. It also enables you to share the photos instantly on Twitter and Facebook. A separate app enables you to edit your photos as well.

4. Lightbox: This is an app developed by the former product managers of YouTube and Google. It contains many awesome filters that you can apply to your photos according to the theme. You can also take pictures with the built in camera.

5. EyeEm: It’s a smooth, simple to use, and light app that you must give a shot. Besides sharing your photos, this app enables you to click photos, add filters, as well as get live feed from your website accounts.

6. LiveShare: If you are familiar with Cooliris then you know about LiveShare as well. This one has a very nice interface and easily uploads your pictures on the social websites.

Flickr iPhone App7. Path: This is a unique app in itself. Not only does it enable you to share the photos you love on websites like Twitter, Facebook, etc., it also lets you interact with your friends and family through the pics. It is a simple and stable app that is nice to play with.

8. Snapr: If you are looking for community feeling associated with the app, then Snapr is the app you have been waiting for. Using this app is very simple and not only can you share your pictures on Snapr website, it also lets you share them on Facebook and other sites.

9. Streamzoo: This is an app that can be called a mini Facebook because of the ‘like’ feature present in it. You can also edit your photos using this app.

10. Trover: An app built to explore your surroundings, it emphasizes on the location of your photo. However, it is not to share your family photos. It is more like taking snaps of places you have visited recently and sharing them on the social media.

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