5 Hottest Gadgets For Christmas

by The Tech Labs 1

This Christmas, Santa is probably going to have to get extra insurance for all the high-tech gear he’s going to be packing.

If you’re thinking of going pro on the presents this year, we’re here to help. Below is a list of five of the hottest gadgets available on the market for Christmas, and not an Apple in sight. In fact, with so much good tech available at the moment you might well find yourself googling “sell iPad” to help pay for your upcoming binge.

Kurio 7

The Kurio has been designed for all those parents who want to wrestle their tablet computers back from their kids. There’s nothing to argue about here; it’s just cringingly painful to see your toddler smear all kinds of things all over your tablet screen.

The new Kurio tablet is designed for kids as young as 2 to play with. It eliminates the risk of your child accessing questionable websites and allows parents to control what web pages the child can access, or even disable the Internet completely.

The Automower Solar Hybrid

First there were Roombas; now we have the Automower. Lie back as you watch this little guy take care of your terribly overgrown lawn. The best thing about it is that it’s completely solar-powered, so it counters all the guilt you might feel for not getting up and mowing the lawn yourself.

There’s no problem if there’s no sun, either: there’s a charging station for the sunless seasons when you can’t really use the integrated solar panel.

Sony 84-inch 4K TV

This monolith of a screen is quite a breakthrough in home entertainment systems. Absolutely gigantic, Sony’s new television will boast resolutions that quadruple the quality of current HD screens.

Equipped with HDMI ports that can handle 4K inputs, this television can achieve 52 pixels per inch, offering the most stunning resolutions possible. You might have to sell quite a lot of your stuff for it, though; early price estimates are around €25,000.

5 Hottest Gadgets For ChristmasBack to The Future Hoverboard

That’s right, you haven’t misread – Mattel has actually made Marty McFly’s Hoverboard from Back to the Future a reality. While it doesn’t actually hover, it will glide over most surfaces. Mattel has issued warnings that it doesn’t glide over water like in the movies, though.

It’s just like the one from the films, a 1:1 replica, although the actual ‘hovering’ technology is yet to be perfected. After all, it’s not 2015 yet!

Wii U

Nintendo has announced their entry into eighth-generation video gaming consoles, the Wii U. Boasting 20 times the memory of the current Wii, there will be a white one with 8GB and a black edition with 32GB of storage.

It would make a great Christmas gift – especially for those who already have a Wii, as the new one will be completely backwards-compatible, meaning you can play all your old games on it. You’ll be selling Xbox 360 stuff in no time, to help pay for the new Wii!

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