Achieve Your Goals with Everest

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There is a brand new innovative app ‘Everest’ receiving applauds in the iOS app market these days. Developed by the energetic developer and CEO, Francis Pedraza, Everest helps you reach your goal in a stipulated time. It breaks up your goal into small short-time targets. These are manageable and can be achieved easily. Pedraza’s own goal is to emulate Daniel Craig in his bathing suit!

The name Everest came about with everyone asking the question “How will you reach there?” Everest signifies our aim in life and the constant struggle associated with it. And it may not necessarily be a single goal. People may want to do a lot of things in life. Pedraza believes that humans have huge potentials but are unknown to this fact. He cites the example of Leonardo da Vinci. da Vinci was the father of innumerable inventions, consultant to many kings, cartographer, painter, and a chef. Pedraza aims to bring out the da Vinci in everyone.

The basic layout of the iOS app is pretty simple. There are many public challenges that you can choose from. You can also start a new challenge. Competition helps in increasing the results and this is where it all starts. The next part is completing that challenge. You have to follow the steps to complete your challenge. And this is the tough part. You can set your schedule and reminders. You need to time them according to your needs. And by the time you finish, you already hope that you are not getting into anything stupid. The list is a huge one with small challenges that you might not otherwise undertake.

After this, you start receiving the notifications. Each time you open the app all your current goals are listed. You can click on any one and its progress is instantly shown. You can also share your progress on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Knowing that your friends are watching your progress will encourage you to work harder. You can also capture pictures and share them in a scrapbook format on the app. This helps others know about your progress. There are a few bugs in the app including frequent crashes. But considering the app was launched only in December, these should be fixed soon.

Apart from the $300,000 grant by Peter Thiel, the app is earning money by collaborating with different companies. For example, if you wish to go on an adventure expedition, the app will tell you where to find the best Nike adventure equipment. Currently, almost twenty businesses are working in tandem with Everest.

But the bigger issue that the developers have to look into is simplicity. The app has to be designed like a game rather than like a hard-hitting task hunter. It should be fun to follow the tasks laid out. Till then, the app is worth a try, to say the least. It is currently available for iOS users.

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