An iOS App Development Course for 10 Year Olds??

by Briley 2

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The Internal Drive Technology Camp, a prominent computer camp for kids and teens of all ages, is now offering a full course for Apple iPhone and iPad game design. By offering the course to children ages 10-15 (with no programming or graphics design background) iD is looking to expand the game and app market to everyone.

Internal Drive Technology Camp iOS Development Course

The children will be provided with a “GameSalad Software” package, which is a visual editor for iOS applications and games. If you aren’t already aware, a visual editor provides a simple point and click interface to create and design applications; of course programming and code can still be used to make a more advanced app or game but is not generally required. Usually visual editors are targeted towards casual and beginner designers with a means to introduce them to the industry and open the doors to greater programming opportunities.

Internal Drive Technology Camp Students On CampusThe iOS game development course is the first in three offered at iD; the two other courses are offered for pre-college and teen kids only and center on iPad and iPhone App Programming and iPhone and iPad App Development.

Internal Drive Technology Camp Opportunities

Because of it’s high demand the iD Tech computer camps have grown to over “60 Prestigious Universities” nationwide including Stanford, UCLA, Northwestern, Vassar, Columbia, Emory and Harvard. The full list of participating universities can be viewed by visiting the official location listing information here.

iD exclusive camps also include youth lessons and programs for game design, modding and 3D modeling, web and graphic design, video editing and photography, programming and robotics and more.

The iPhone game and application design course allows kids and teens to create a personalized game or application through the use of visual editing software which has pre-programmed functions and code definitions. No advanced programming or coding skills are needed for the base course, and students of all ages are guaranteed participation time and hands on opportunities.

Internal Drive Technology Camp Students at WorkThe week long course results in students owning the rights to a fully functioning iOS application or game that can be publicly distributed or sold in the Apple App store. Some graduating students have even been able to turn a profit from their app or game which they programmed during their lesson.

Internal Drive Technology Camp Industry Influence

With such a rise in mobile device application and program markets such as Apple’s App store and Google’s Android market, iD’s iPhone development course is a great way to introduce computer savvy kids and teens to the program and development world. iD’s camps arm all students with the means to succeed in a high-demand market and industry.

According to iD the tuition cost for all programs and camps “vary depending on the camp option, course and program that you select”. However “iD offers unique programs designed to provide each child with a thorough understanding of his/her curriculum topic”. There is a tuition assistance program available for those families dealing with financial hardships that would still like their children and teens to participate.

An Internal Drive Technology Camp Student and His CreationStudents can choose to enroll for up to 5 consecutive weeks total (with one week being the minimum) with additional options for one, three and four week stays as well. Each week is dedicated to one course curriculum or complete lesson, so a multiple week stay would allow children to study more than one subject. iD guarantees however that no matter how long students plan to stay “your student will have a blast and leave camp having learned a new skill, as well as complete a project they can be proud of”.

iD has also created a new “Carpool to Camp” section for the parents of registered students. It allows local parents to organize carpool transportation for their children to the nearby summer camp locations. While iD does not offer inclusive transportation to their locations, parents may be able to synch up with other parents for additional transportation opportunities. With the cost of gas prices so high these days, carpooling is a great idea for any venture.

Internal Drive Technology Camp LogoThe computer and technology industry is so huge, and is expanding so much more and more every day that work will always be available in the field. Because technology plays such a huge role in society today, introducing youth and teens to computers earlier on is more than just a good idea; it’s preparing them for the future.

Plus let’s not look past the fact that our kids can make some of their own cash just from the app and game they produce. How many times have you told your young ones to get a job and make some bank? Here’s a great opportunity for them, and you!

Anyone looking for more information on the iD (Internal Drive) Tech computer camps can visit the official site here.

Internal Drive Technology Camp

Have you sent your children or teen to an Internal Drive Technology camp? Do you have a related experience you’d like to share with the community? Are you planning on enrolling a student in an iD course and are looking for additional information? Please join the discussion in the Techlabs iD Tech Camp dedicated forum thread.

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