Apple Enthusiasts Finally Have Access to iCloud

by The Tech Labs 1

Apple finally released the long anticipated iCloud last week, which will allegedly grant music lovers complete access to nearly every song they could hope to get their hands on. Apple has already signed some large contracts with major record labels, and intends to charge users a nominal annual fee to make the sharing of music essentially “legitimate”. However, as music snobs everywhere got ready to plug their iPods into the most epic playlist ever, they ran into one problem: they needed either Mac OS X Lion or iOS 5.

Whatever Los Angeles or New Jersey data center that had been prepped to take the onslaught of information that was predicted to be put into Apple’s cloud got a break. Although Apple released iCloud early, Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5, either of which is needed to use iCloud, were yet to be released. Users were able to see the iCloud site, but couldn’t sign up for the service because they didn’t have access to the necessary operating systems.

That is, until now.

As of today iOS 5 has finally been released, and music lovers can finally rejoice as they download the new operating system and log in to the long awaited iCloud. Let the music indulgence overload begin.

However, the release of iOS 5 isn’t solely beneficial to those interested in iCloud. iOS 5 is set to provide Apple enthusiasts with a variety of updates to the operating systems which run their phones, iPods, and tablets. A few of these updates include:

Notification Center

The new Notification Center will no longer interrupt other apps and will automatically perform updates. With the new update, users can expect to be notified should they have any missed calls, calendar alerts, new IMs, and any app alerts.


One of the most inconvenient features of the last iOS was the camera. If your phone was locked, you weren’t able to quickly take photos without having to unlock your phone and then click on the camera button. Users can now take a photo even while the camera is locked by simply hitting the volume button.


Apple now has its own instant messaging service that works with 3G and Wi-Fi. In addition to offering SMS and MMS outside of a users service provider, the service also supports video and photo messages.
Even if you are the ultimate music lover, the new updates brought about by iOS 5 have plenty to offer you outside of iTunes. The new operating system will streamline the functioning of most Apple devices, and make them more enjoyable to use. So if you’ve got an Apple iPod, iPhone, or iPad, be sure to download the new iOS 5.

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