Apple to Conquer the Gaming Market

by Thea 0

The world is waiting for launch of new gaming consoles from the houses of Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. However, Apple is poised to take the major share of the gaming market during the coming fall. Apple’s devices based on iOS have paved way for their impending dominance and they have managed to sell 500 million as a result! Downloading activity on these devices has totaled to almost 40 billion from among the 8, 00,000 and more applications. What is interesting is that games form a significant chunk of these apps.

Major Competitors
Compared to Apple’s mindboggling sales, Xbox 360 sales for Microsoft have been approximately 75 million globally while Nintendo has seen sales of almost 100 million for its Wiis. Sony equals Microsoft in sales. Devices based on iOS are multi functional and are less in number as compared to traditional gaming consoles. According to one of the founders of Xbox, Nat Brown, Apple is poised to overthrow the competition through its Apple TV and applications environment. Speculation is rife regarding the launch of this supposed Apple TV SDK. This may happen in the fall or even during the WWDC.

There were some rumors that Apple will showcase some Apple TV SDK maybe next month, but it turns out that those rumors were false. There hasn’t been much news about the SDK, but yes, there have been talks about broader TV plans from Apple. There still aren’t any details about it since these are just rumors as of now, but some sources say that it will happen this fall.

We aren’t even sure it’s a real TV or just some TV kind of device, but whatever it is, it’s all about apps. When we talk about Apple, we talk about apps. The present Apple TV runs on iOS, and it’s the same stack that runs iPhones/iPads/iPods. It’s all ready to go- the technology is right there. But the question is, will this mean that hardcore games will be replaced by Apple style touch games? I don’t think so. Games like Call of Duty have their own market and it’s hard to replace them.

The Twist in the Tale
There is not a chance of Apple dominating this market segment by playing to the traditional gallery in the line of the competition. They are poised to overthrow their rivals through a total overhauling of the rules. The Apple TV already packs in enough horsepower to run high power games like Call of Duty. If Apple keeps up with its reputation, it might bring a cool new twist to the gaming world. Also, unlike their rival Microsoft, Apple will of course provide regular software updates. Even though hardcore and traditional games will always have their audience, there is another twist. The customer base for non hardcore gaming activities is larger than hardcore gaming enthusiasts. This is where Apple will come out a champion in the gaming sphere. We all love Angry Birds, don’t we?

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