(April Sweepstakes Contest) The Winner is…

by The Tech Labs 2

The April sweepstakes contest is over since Saturday night, and today is the day we announce the winner! But first we’d like to thank every single person who entered the contest. Thanks for participating but there can be only one winner!

The April Sweepstakes Contest Winner is…

Drew L. from Idaho.

Congratulations! You just won a Kindle Fire valued at $199! We will send you an email shortly.

Caption Competition

Now please make sure you all visit our Facebook Page again as we just started our 1st Caption Competition. You can win an iPod Nano (or $100 in cash) in 3 quick and easy steps. To enter, simply ‘Like’ the image (Step 1), post a comment with your caption to the picture (Step 2) and share the image on your Wall (Step 3).

The winner will be randomly picked out of the best 3 captions. This contest runs until Sunday (May 6th) so rush to our Facebook Page now! Good luck…

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