The 12 Best Facebook Games

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Adventure World - Top Facebook Games

With over 800 million users and counting, Facebook without any doubt is the number one and most used social networking site existing. And it’s much hyped competitor Google Plus, is significantly sloping down the graph in terms of user activity, which makes more room for the social networking giant to expand its boundaries. But what makes Facebook so interesting? Is it friends? Or Wall posts? Possibly yes, but not as much as games. It’s the games on Facebook that makes a user stay connected to Facebook for a longer period of time.

Although I’m against games in Facebook, I explicitly recon that these games have taken Facebook to Himalayan heights. At least 60% of Facebook’s popularity is because of its games. And talking about addiction or Facebook Addiction Disorder (sometimes called as FAD), games are a main integral part of it. Users on Facebook not just login to check what their friends are up to or check photo albums or videos, but also are addicted to Facebook Games.

In a study that was done a year ago by US National Gamers Surveys indicated that out of 160 million gamers in America, 41 percent of them played social games on Facebook and other social networking sites. The question of “other networking sites” can be avoided for obvious reasons, but what makes these online gamers so hard to resist? Bizarrely yet entertainingly, these gamers spend hours together in building restaurants, milking cows, turning into mafias, coddling pets, and so on. Whatsoever the reason is, these games are certainly addictive.


Best Facebook Games

To know more about it, The Tech Labs brings you some of the most popular and best Facebook games, which indicate what exactly these games are about. Mind you, they are not just popular, but addictive too.

CityVille – Best Facebook Games

I hope you readers have heard of CityVille. If you haven’t, then you must be one busy working bloke. CityVille is one such addictive game on Facebook, which let you create a perfect city in your way. You’re the mayor and you just know what you have to do. The game lets you start your city by growing corps and supplying goods to stores and foodies. Not just that, it also lets you collect rent from the houses that you own. And to expand your business, be sure to look into your friends’ cities with franchise.

Worth mentioning, Zynga’s CityVille has got over 55 million MAU (Most Active Users). It is now ranked 1 in terms of MAU. Make the most of your creativity and refine your city in a most feasible way.

FarmVille – Best Facebook GamesBest Facebook Games

If you haven’t had any chances of visiting a farm, then worry not. Here’s Zynga’s second most best Facebook games called FarmVille – a virtual farming game, which gives you virtual experience of a farm and lets you virtually labor on a plot of land, where you are supposed to plant, harvest crops and breed animals. Just basically what a farmer does. Farmville is a virtual force to be reckoned with, and has a whopping 11 million daily players. However, the MAU rates the game 4 with 28 million active users.

The interesting part is that you can earn virtual money with which you can buy, or help unlock new levels with better crops.

Empires & Allies – Best Facebook GamesEmpires & Allies - Best Facebook Games

Empires & Allies is inspired by the CityVille game, however unlike CityVille, you can use guns here. The game is about a mysterious being known as The Raven who has assembled powerful forces and used them to devastate you nation. Now it is your job to put things right by collecting resources like oil and wood, constructing new homes, and most importantly reassembling the military base to battle against your rival, The Raven.

The game has been gaining a lot of exposure of late and has recorded a striking 20 million active users.

The Sims Social – Best Facebook GamesThe Sims Social - Popular Facebook Games

The Sims Social is a Facebook addition to the Sims series of videogames, which was introduced during the EA’s 2011 E3 press conference. The game is all about building and decorating a home and looking after your sim’s more basic needs. It’s very similar to Sims gameplay. It enables interaction in a more interactive way (including such as kicking their trashcan, fighting the other sim, and slapping them) and lets you forge relationships.

The Sims Social is the second most popular and best Facebook game tagged by MAU with over 41 million active users.

Adventure World – Best Facebook GamesAdventure World - Top Facebook Games

Have you watched the movie Indiana Jones? If you liked that movie, then I assure that you would fall in love with this game. Adventure World is another popular Facebook game by Zynga which currently has over 16 million MAU. It is Zynga’s most ambitious games till date, and very different from the games we have mentioned in the list.

The game takes you in a more exciting and adventurous world where you challenged to take on multiple quests, exploring on an expansive world filled with traps and treasures. You will also face challenges with rivals like snakes to battle with.

Jersey Shore – Best Facebook GamesJersey Shore

The Jersey Shore Facebook game is MTV’s latest flick attracting approximately 14 million active users and 1.7 million unique players and perhaps you need no introduction to people like Snooki, Mike The Situation or Pauly D. The show is a bit hysterical and MTV decided to make the most of its popularity by creating a game.

Jersey Shore on Facebook is relatively simple, reminiscent of Zynga’s FarmVille, and there’s isn’t much action or strategy involved. You can earn virtual coins by completing tasks, including GTL-ing (the show’s signature activities of gym, tan, laundry). They can also challenge other virtual Shore denizens in the game’s “Battle Dome,” using moves like throwing grenades or spray tanning their opponents.

Café World – Best Facebook GamesCafé World

Café World is yet another game by Zynga which it launched since the massive success of FarmVille. The gameplay style is very well influenced by FarmVille. The game is about managing a cafe where you would be serving food and brewages to customers and performing tasks which will earn you enough money to expand your “little” cafe into a larger restaurant.

In Café World your dishes are rightly available to you and you don’t need to buy ingredients to make them. As you level up you can prepare new dishes for your patrons. Preparing a dish is as simple as pie. All you need to do is click on the dis you want to make and your avatar will start creating the dish. However, creating a dish may take anywhere from few minutes to several hours. In other words, the more the dish is complicated, the more the time it takes.

The game is about keeping your customers satisfied, and here’s the breakthrough of the points –

  • – One satisfied customer: + 0.1 Buzz point
  • – Customer can’t find a seat: – 1.0 Buzz point
  • – Customer doesn’t get served in time: – 1.0 Buzz point
  • – Customer sits at a table with an empty plate = – 1.0 Buzz point

Texas Hold’em Poker – Best Facebook GamesTexas Hold'em Poker

Texas Hold’em is a poker game more suitable for novice players, since the game lets you play for free and no actual currency is being exchanged. Playing Texas Hold’em poker for money requires some basic understanding of the game and skills along with a set of unwritten or unofficial rules.

The game not only gives you a chance to enhance your skills, but also enjoy the game in a fun and exciting way. You can join a tournament at any time, so long as you invite some friends. The game has over 29 million MAU and about 5.8 million unique players from all over the world. You can risk big and win big, provided you possess those skills, but it isn’t really about risking your money, since it’s virtual. The largest win so far? Eight billion virtual dollars.

Bubble Island – Best Facebook GamesBubble Island - Best Facebook Games

This classic arcade game Bubble Island is about popping colorful bubbles to discover the secrets behind them. The game features two basic takes on the type of match-3 gameplay where you shoot colored spheres up at a wall of colored round objects that slowly descends toward you.

The game has two modes – A weekly game where you race to a high score in under 60 seconds and then a full-features story mode which beings in a very easy level, but tough challenges emerge as you level up in the game. The game currently has over 9 million MAUs.

Gardens of Time – Best Facebook GamesGardens of Time

As the name indicates, there is a garden filled with history, and your job is to protect and preserve it by joining as a potential new recruit for the Time Society: a group that travels back and forth through time, exploring important moments in history.

Gardens of Time is divided into several chapters, each of which has a number of things to explore. And every puzzle reveals a set of amount of energy to play. In each puzzle, players search for objects that are not native to the time period, and depending on the number of objects discovered, they score some points. And the better the player scores, the higher the Star Ratings goes at the end of the puzzle. The game currently has over 11 million active players.

Diamond Dash – Best Facebook GamesDiamond Dash

Diamond Dash is a match-3 fun and addictive game. You are job is to clear away groups of three or more blocks, which are presented on your screen. Clearing the boxes can be done by simply clicking on them. All cleared boxes will disappear, causing the rest of the boxes to collapse down, and simultaneously accommodating more boxes from the top. The ultimatum is to clear away as many groups of colored boxes as possible.

However, the game restricts you to clear the boxes in less than 60 seconds. The entire set-up is greatly addictive, since the given time limit is very short. And the more number of boxes you clear, then more the points you gain. There’s also a high-score leader board from which you can compare your scores with your friends.

Pet Society – Best Facebook GamesPet Society

Pet Society is a 2D virtual pet simulation game. Players enter a virtual pet town where adorable creatures live and play. And all you have to do is raise a virtual per of your own creation. The game also allows you to raise e multiple pets under one roof. You will have to compete against other players in the game to win trophies and prove that your virtual per the is one heck of pet in Pet Society. The game currently has over 6.3 million active players.


Other Best Facebook Games?

Did I just miss your favorite Facebook game in the best Facebook games list? Well then, why don’t you add the game below in comments and provide us with a brief review about. And don’t forget to let us know what you think of the list. Feel free to leave your opinion on the dedicated forum thread as well: What’s your favorite Facebook game?


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