Cool Apps to Energize Your Mornings

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If you usually run late every morning, there are a few apps that can help you. From making sure you wake up early every morning to delivering your day’s schedule – these fun apps are very useful.

Alarm Clock Extreme
Everyone hates to hear their morning alarm – even if it is a soothing symphony. ‘Alarm Clock Extreme’ is a new app which slowly increases your alarm’s volume. The developers have a unique solution to your problem of being a repeat snoozer. In this app, each time you hit the snooze button, a small math problem pops up. This gets your mind working early in the morning. You can also decrease the snoozing time in between alarms. The free version has ads in it while thet paid is available for $1.99.

Developed by Jeremy Le Van and Pierre Valade, the concept is very fresh. The basic idea is that you receive a summary of your day’s events early in the morning. Saving birthdays of friends to viewing weather predictions, this app is a goldmine. You can even sync your Google calendar with Sunrise. This also gives a small job description below each person’s name. You can customize it the way you want it. A small email can be sent to the attendees of a particular event.

The daily email is sent before 7 a.m. and you never miss anything using this wonderful app.

It is very hard waking up every morning. And with daily workouts, it becomes even tougher. But now you can do a different workout according to the time you have. ‘Sworkit’ takes care of your workout schedule. In case you have only half an hour for a workout, it has the perfect exercises for you. In case you want to focus on your calves, it will tell you what to do. And the best thing is that you do not need any heavy machinery for the same. The free version is available by the name of Sworkit while the paid one named ‘Sworkit Pro’ costs $0.99.

TED, as an organization, aims to impart quality information. There are 20-minute videos based on different topics. The speakers are distinguished personnel from different fields. These include scientists, entrepreneurs, educators etc. A quick video will certainly oil your brain early in the morning. At present, there are more than 1200 videos with more being added daily.

Do you like news being read to you? Is sitting in front of the TV not an option for you? Then try Guide. The app is in its alpha phase right now but will soon be out in March. It syncs update from Facebook, Twitter, and Google Reader etc. A robot then reads out the latest updates to you.

Some people like listening to music while getting ready. This energizes and peps them up. ‘Spotify’ is one of the best apps available in the market. With a single click, you can listen to a fun playlist. You can also subscribe to your friends or create your own playlist. Of course, all this comes for a price. The free version has ads in between. There are two paid models available. The first is a $4.99/ month version and the second is a $9.99/ month version.

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