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Thanks to the widespread adoption of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, everything is stored digitally now. From working files, to spreadsheets, to music, photos and videos; people now save their files and information on different devices.

Mobile devices have become so popular because you can use them anywhere, and there is virtually no sacrifice of what features you can use. Modern smartphones now let you send and receive emails, browse the internet, work on school or office documents, listen to music, edit photos and more. Essentially everything you once needed a computer to do, you can now do it all via a smartphone or tablet.

This also means that every once in a while, those same people who are always on the go, will eventually need access to a digital file they have stored somewhere. At times, it is even possible to run into a situation where you need a file that happens to be stored elsewhere, like on a desktop computer at home.

By using the conventional storage method, you would be out of luck in the scenario above, because you wouldn’t be able to access the file until you were also able to get on the appropriate device the file is stored on.

Luckily, a relatively new service called cloud storage, allows you to keep your files on an internet accessible web server, so they can be accessed from anywhere. You can save your word processing document or edited photos, so that they can be accessed from any device with an active internet connection.

One of the best and most convenient, cloud storage services, is DropBox.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox Files UploadingDropbox is a cloud storage service, which allows you to store files that can be accessed from anywhere by using apps for computers, phones or the official website. There are apps for literally every platform available, including Windows, Max, Linux, Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

You save your files via the Dropbox service, and you can access them at any time even when there is no active internet connection. Dropbox will then transfer the parts of the file that have been edited to the server, which means quicker upload and download times and minimum bandwidth usage.

It is web based and a separate product. Which means you can access Dropbox using a mobile or desktop app or by navigating to the official website. If you’re a light user and don’t like installing apps or software, then the website will work well.

Dropbox is a freemium service, which means it is free to use up to a certain point, and then there are price requirements. A basic account nets you 2GB of storage free (which is more than enough for most folks), while 100GB is $9.99 a month ($99 per year), 200GB is $19.99 a month ($199 per year), and 500GB is $49.99 a month ($499 per year). All of these paid storage plans are part of the Dropbox Pro service.

You can also earn additional storage by referring friends to the service. You receive an additional 500MB of space per person that joins up, up to a total of 16GB.

What Can I Do With Dropbox?

Dropbox isn’t just a file storage service, because the content is hosted online you can also share your files easily. This makes an excellent way to collaborate with colleagues or friends on various projects, or a way to share photos and videos privately with family.

Saving Dropbox Files SociallyYou can give friends, family, or colleagues access to a particular folder, and they can download, edit or see it just like if they had the data stored directly on their device. You can also handle security features so that others can edit the file without downloading it, or just see it.

As soon as someone makes a change on the related file, the edits are reflected everywhere. Which means that you can view the changes others make to your files in realtime.

With photos and videos, you can also create galleries, and provide access to only those you choose. Dropbox stores the photos and videos separately and displays them just like if you were using an online photo sharing service. So, not only can you use your Dropbox account to store critical files, you can also use it as an alternate media sharing service.

Dropbox Main SiteWith any file that you have stored in your Dropbox, you can create a link to send to others so they can access that particular file directly. You can keep your other files hidden, if you so desire, and only allow access to one file at a time.

The beauty of Dropbox is that anyone, including you, can access your files and content at any time from anywhere.

Don’t worry about safety either, because your files are stored securely. Any changes made to a file can be undone at a later time, and deleted files can be restored. Dropbox also saves a one-month history of all your work so you can return to previous file versions at any time during the recovery period.

Every file is stored with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption methods which essentially means that unless you give someone access, they’ll never see your files and data.

Your Dropbox account and files will always be safe, to say the least.

How Do I Get Dropbox?

You can download Dropbox from your platform of choice through the official website. Just because, we’re super friendly, we’re going to give all the links to existing platforms below. That way if you want Dropbox for a particular device, you can just click the appropriate link.

Remember that Dropbox is free to download, install, and use and you can take advantage of up to 2GB of storage space for free. Anything beyond that will have to be acquired by subscribing to Dropbox Pro.

Regardless, if you’re tired of forgetting files at home or transferring files back and forth between devices, then Dropbox is for you!

Download Dropbox Now!

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  1. I like Skydrive more becasue I have 25 GB on it for free

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