Create Your Own Facebook Gallery in 3 Steps!

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Facebook Gallery

Facebook Gallery

Facebook is a great way to share photos with your family and friends, but most people find Facebook photo galleries a little boring. There’s nothing special to them, which is a shame for such a popular social networking platform. There’s however a new Facebook app called QuickGallery that allows you to create nice looking photo galleries for your photo albums, and of course share them on your wall so all your Facebook contacts can see them in a nice photo album format.

All you need to do to go to the application’s page, activate it on your account (you must be logged into Facebook), select an existing photo album, select a gallery format, customize the gallery (optional) and… that’s pretty much it! The process only takes a few minutes, even less if you’re in a hurrt. There are some advanced settings for those who’d like to thoroughly customize their gallery but these are optional. This is great if you want to give your photo galleries a personal touch though.

Facebook Gallery

The best part is that it only takes a few seconds to create a nice looking photo gallery with this application, hence the name… QuickGallery. Whether you’re a Facebook newbie or an advanced user, you will find this app very useful if you want to make your photo galleries look much better than usual. There are several themes that you can choose from, so you can build galleries in different formats.

Even if you uploaded photos to Facebook ages ago, you can still easily create a nice looking Facebook gallery with to this application. If the photos you want to have in the gallery are already hosted on Facebook, you don’t need to upload them again. This is a real time saver, because you don’t need to sign up to another site, upload your photos again, and post the photo album link on your wall… With QuickGallery everything can be done is a matter of seconds.

This Facebook Gallery application is really well thought out – it’s very easy to use yet the end result is awesome. The simple step-by-step process really makes it easy to use for everyone. You can then of course easily share the photo galleries on your wall so your family and friends can see them. To try it now, visit QuickGallery – THE Facebook Gallery app!

Facebook Gallery

Facebook Gallery

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  1. Wow great idea…thank u very much….

  2. Wow great idea…thank u very much….

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