Facebook Home – The Gen Next Technology

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All of us have used phones that would perform just a single task at a time. And now, we live in the world of smart phones and our memories of those old basic phones are almost getting washed out.

Facebook recently launched “Facebook Home”, which is certainly a next generation technology. With the help of Facebook Home you can chat through an overlaid slide-down window even when you are using Google or some other application. Facebook Home brings to you the productivity of a desktop on to your small screen. Along with any Google app such as maps you can chat on another window. The responsive design and cover feed are nice but a little on the mediocre side. Such multitasking (in chatting) coincides with the computing and communication aspect of a smart phone.

According to a number of gizmo freaks, technology advancement is never about something highly revolutionary. It is all about the small, but significant changes that will greatly affect the level of convenience among smart phone users. Multi tasking is more or less a new development of rapid switching. In multi tasking the transition between two different windows is so lightening fast that one will not even realize the transition has taken place. The brain will not get interrupted and the cognition too will be smooth and even.

What special would happen if you are using chat multitasking? A tiny bubble with the persons face would pop onto your screen irrespective of what you are using on your phone at that moment of time. A preview of the text message runs above the person’s head. Now the hitch is when you just have to tap the bubble to open the message. You will be directly taken to the message box. You would not have to close your page and there will not be any disruption in your current work.

To retract the message from the drop down list, all you have to do is tap on the person’s photo once again. What you were doing previously will show on your screen. Usage of chat multi-media tasking makes your experience complete and without any interruption! The entire feeling of using this is very impressive, something which you would love to get habituated to.

Such advancement will call for a healthy competition in the market. It would be a disappointment if apple’s iMessage did not use chat multimedia in their next improvised model. However, expectations are high and everyone wants a taste of this in the coming generation of smart phones. Chat heads and face bubbles are going to be available only in Facebook Home and HTC First till the other companies exploit this amazing new invention.

Messaging has become more or less a necessity in most of the world. Mobile companies realize this and are, therefore, exploiting this field of technology to the fullest.

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