Giveaway: 3 Licenses for FlippingBook PDF Publisher

by Carlos Pinho 22

Our supporter is offering 3 licenses of FlippingBook PDF Publisher.

FlippingBook PDF Publisher is a nice desktop application you can use to create Flash flipping books from your pdf files. The usage is very simple, and the application is intuitive, so it will be easy for the user to create his own flipping books in minutes.

However, you should note this tool will work in Windows XP and Vista only. Mac users, sorry!

You can try the demo to check the capabilities of this cool tool. You will noticed that you are able to chose which pages you want to print, bookmarking, zoom in the page, permanent link, etc… You can also easily integrate it either in your site.

What Do I Have To Do?

We’ve already drawn the winners for this giveaway! Nevertheless, stay tuned as more competitions will come. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!

Comments (22)

  1. Wish you can release an AIR application too which can dynamically read online pdf into a flip book.
    Twitter handle:juwalbose

  2. Next version: “page thumb” preview on the bottom

    twitter: tutorijali

  3. Integralist
    Yes, definitely an AIR application would be be much more usable.

  4. i would like to be able to select the text and pictures.

  5. The method for turning the sound off (and/or changing) it for the the page turning needs to be a little more intuitive. Why isn’t one of the buttons available in the demo on the site?

  6. HI,

    I wish to have a copy.

    I will definitely wish to have a Mac version. An AIR app is will be more appropriate as it can be used in all platforms.


  7. Gotta agree with strahinja about page thumb.

    twitter: nikosalonen

  8. @cypher0x
    @Brad Bueche

    You forgot your twitter.

  9. Hi,

    My Twitter – @RomeoLab

    The others say all, an air application will be great and the thumb maybe make easyear the navigation 🙂


  10. Im one of the lucky Winners.
    Thank THE TECH LAB for all.

    I Just receved the login data.


  11. I have been looking for this… please share again.
    twitter: paulkhaipu

  12. @paul,

    Sorry but as announced in twitter, competition ended yesterday. Anyway stay tuned as next monday we will start a new givewaway competition.

  13. thanks thetechlabs honoring me as a winner. i realy look forward to using this great tool. i cant wait updating out brochure pdf into a flipping book version 🙂 looking forward to the mail from page-flip team. thanks

  14. Twitter: tgi100

    Feature would have to be, got to be page thumbs, i agree with the others.

    1. Nathan,

      We have already drawn for this competition. However you might one to get in the Rainbow Live Giveaway.

  15. why it’s the image broken after published in flippingbook pdf puplisher……any body tell me the reason

  16. Transforming your PDF materials into flash flip book becomes easier with page flipper online service. No need for additional software and conversion is so simplified that even people who don’t use Internet often can use it effectively.

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