Google Glass Era Hastens Apps For The Future

by Thea 0

There is one product for which audiences world over are waiting to be brought to the stores. Still under development, Google glass has seen only a limited release. A handful of people have been allowed to change their view of the world with this new ocular marvel. Application developers across the globe however, are not wasting any time in creating innovative and relevant apps for when it finally is released to the public. This is new platform will surely make an app developers wildest dreams come true.

One such excited application developer, Vectorform, recently came up with some concepts that may be potential trend-setters. Based out of Detroit, Vectorform has envisioned exciting new ways to take the Google Glass into the life of the regular public. DIYers, athletes and students are all going to be actively making use of this product. Vectorform is still awaiting the arrival of their own Google Glass. With the Glass in their kitty, they are bound to explode with more and more pioneering apps.

Let’s take a look at some of the concepts that Vectorform have come up with.

Athletics can be very grueling. The kind of competition runner’s bear is unimaginable. They need to be always fit and fully trained. The best competition, as they say, is with you. You are constantly driven to improve on your previous performances. Self-coach yourself with the Ghostracing app, and improve your overall accuracy. Here you are racing against the image of someone who is just a tad quicker than yourself. This finds use in other sports as well.

• DIY coaching
This one is for the people who love to do home projects. Every Do-It-Yourself enthusiast must have felt inadequate at some point of time. There may have been some project which was a bit over your abilities. Worry no more, DIY coaching apps can ring in professional help using the Google Glass. This possible virtual assistance app can walk you through the really complicated steps of your project.

• The mileage helper
Drivers in the future may or may not be all wearing a Google Glass. But supposing they are allowed to wear the Glass, lots of gas can be saved by anticipating changes in upcoming traffic lights. Now you need not try and rush to beat the light unnecessarily. On intimation you can safely reduce your speed, coasting to a full halt. Another obvious consequence of this is the potential smart windshield.

• POV connection
This is a possible world connection. Existing users give real POV connectivity to their Glass views. Other users can thus determine if their destination is crowded or not. You can even get real-time data from anonymous users regarding any product that might interest you.

• New generation learning
Bringing the Glass to the classroom is going to have explosive implications. Classroom instruction is bound to be completely revitalized. The Chalkboard centric nature of current classrooms can be done away with completely. Students can be learned to embrace the concepts being taught in a more direct and personal manner.

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