Great Gaming Gift Ideas This Christmas

by Thea 1

Gamers are happiest around their games. With PCs, Xboxs, and PlayStations around, their life revolves completely around their plastic tools. Nothing can be more pleasing to a gamer than giving them some accessory to enhance their plastic joy. The PlayStation experience doesn’t stop at games. So to get more out of the PlayStation’s media, Blu-Ray and web capabilities gamers generally accessorize. So if you plan to gift a gamer something, then look below for the 12 most popular gifting ideas.

1. PlayStation Move Starter Package
It is Sony’s highly impressive new controller for motion sensing games. This is a great chance to introduce someone to motion gaming. This accessory pack includes an official charging station and a basic navigation controller. Priced at 34.99 pounds, this is a great buy.


2. Wonderbook: Book of Spells
This one is for all the Harry Potter fans out there. Wonderbook: book of spells is a game that rolls the PlayStation and Harry Potter’s world into one package. This is essentially an augmented reality type game, wherein you use the PlayStation move like a wand to summon the various spells that are part of the game. The results can be displayed using the PlayStation eye. There is also an option to buy the PlayStation move starter pack bundled with this game for only 49.99 pounds.

3. Logitech Driving Force GT
Driving simulation games are popular among gamers of all age groups. Any driving game fan will surely tell you that the only preferred way to play this game is using a racing wheel. This steering wheel console is just the thing you need. Featuring acceleration and brake pedals, sequential gear shifter, force feedback and adjustment dials that give you control over many of the finer options available in your car.

4. Bluetooth Headset: VXComm’s Venom
Designed to be light, you will hardly notice this device in your ear. However, you get crystal clear feedback to ensure everything you require in online matches.

5. Elgato HD game capture

Always wanted to put up that wonderful goal on the web for everyone to see? The Elgato HD game capture device captures footage from all games onto your computer; there onwards you can stream it onto the web. All you need to do is to connect this device and it’ll store all your gameplay details.

6. Sony Remote Controller For Blu-ray

PlayStation is also good for blu-ray media playback. This remote controller is used to control general media player functions.

7. Duracell Extender

This extender’s basic function is to act as charging case and storage for controllers. It also provides extra USB ports and a card slot.

8. DualFuel Ammo Box by Giotek

The military-style exterior provides a very convenient way to charge your controllers. Exteriors LED’s inform you on charge completion.


9. Wireless keypad
Typing a message using your gamepad is a painful task. This handy wireless keypad promises to relieve you of that burden by providing a QWERTY keyboard.

10. Hori Fighting Stick

Fighting games are an ideal choice to relieve your fighting itch. Hori fighting stick is an authentic arcade style gamepad that enhances your shoryuken.

11. Tactical assault commander from Hori

Playing shooters on PS3 doesn’t offer you the required precision for a dominating gameplay. This provides a mouse along with the standard PS3 controls.

12. PSN cards

PlayStation network gift-cards are an ideal gift to give to a gamer. Instead of predicting a gamer’s choice you give him a gift card to delve into the PSN store for whatever takes their fancy.

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