Increase Your Productivity and Typing Speed with the KeyView Smartype

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Ever since the creation of keyboards, people have been diligently typing away alst while glaring down at the keys. Skilled typists can actually type without looking down at the keys, but that is a technique that is usually acquired over time. Right this moment I’m actually staring at my screen as I type, ignoring the keys that my fingers are pressing. That being said, I type all day every day for school, work and leisure, and I’ve been around computers and keyboards for a while. Not everyone can type as quickly and as efficiently as I can.

In fact, most folks still have to look down at the keys while they type. Sometimes even I still have to look down at the keys in different situations.

This frequent need to look down at the keyboard interrupts concentration, requiring you to draw your attention away from the computer screen in order to monitor what you are doing with the keys. With traditional keyboards, you are forced to split your focus between the screen and keyboard; ultimately, this causes typing errors, neck injuries and vastly reduced productivity and typing speeds.

What if there was a way to improve your typing experience? What if there was a way to observe what you are doing on the keyboard but also see what is happening on the screen at the same time?

Now there is a solution, it is called the KeyView Smartype.

KeyView Smartype

What is the KeyView Smartype?

KeyView Smartype Side ViewThe KeyView Smartype is an innovative keyboard that includes a built in LCD. Of course, LCD screens have been implemented in keyboards before, but they are commonly used in the gaming scene to show hotkeys and macros.

The Smartype actually shows what you’re typing, when you type it. There is no need to look at the screen any longer, because you can see your progress directly on the integrated LCD.

KeyView claims the Smartype helps increase typing speeds, minimizes typing errors, reduces stress on your neck and helps you focus on your work much better.

KeyView was apparently founded by Mr. Dov Moran, now the President of the company, who has been credited with the invention of the flash drive. Moran also founded M-Systems, a company that was originally a leader in the flash drive market, which eventually sold to SanDisk for $1.6 billion in 2006.

KeyView advertises this information about Moran, which clearly infers that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to innovation.

The KeyView Smartype Also Supports Apps!

In addition to displaying your typing progress via the integrated LCD, the Smartype also takes advantage of various apps that work with the keyboard.

KeyView Smartype Facebook App

Apps that are currently supported on the Smartype include Facebook, Twitter and a PC Monitor.

  • The Facebook app will present recent updates from your news feed, upcoming events and a place to update your personal status message.
  • The Twitter app will show recent Tweets from your feed, and let you compose personal tweets.
  • The PC Monitor app will display pertinent information about your computer like CPU capacity, RAM usage, temperatures as well as upload and download speeds.

All of these apps will be available via the keyboard LCD screen, meaning you’ll never have to take your eyes off the Smartype while working.

When Will the Smartype Be Available for Purchase?

Currently, the Smartype is only available in Israel. KeyView is working to bring the keyboard to market internationally, but so far there have been no specific details about the release date.

KeyView Smartype TypingKeyView alludes to a “near future” time frame for the international release of the Smartype keyboard.

We sincerely hope it doesn’t take too long, because the Smartype seems to be quite the novelty. We have smartphones, smart TVs, smart appliances, and now finally we will have smart keyboards. Even if, you don’t require the integrated LCD to increase your productivity, just the native apps should be enough to make you excited.

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