Indie Game of The Week: Wizorb

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Ah, the wondrous Indie scene. Alas, it seems like an eternity since we last visited the wide world of independent gaming. Partly because we missed the scene so much, and also partly because, we promised to continue the series, we’re back with another Indie Game of the Week.

This week we’re going to talk about a cute little game called Wizorb. Okay, perhaps cute isn’t the correct word to describe it, it probably deserves a label more like “awesome”.

Wizorb is an action, adventure game with classic style SNES graphics similar to those found in the older Zelda and Final Fantasy titles. Don’t mistake that to mean the game is unattractive though, the artwork and character animations are utterly fantastic.

Wizorb is remarkably different from traditional action, adventure games because it meshes those genres with the block-breaking gameplay of titles like Bricks, Breakout or Arkanoid.

Indie Game of the Week – Wizorb

Wizorb Random Level

Plot & Storyline

Wizorb follows a colorful wizard named Cyrus on his quest to rid his home of evil.

“The once peaceful Kingdom of Gorudo is threatened by an evil presence. The only hope for salvation is Cyrus, a wizard versed in a secret magic art called Wizorb! Explore many strange places from the derelict monster infested town of Clover to Gorudo Castle atop Cauldron Peak. Danger lurks around every corner so you’ll need to keep your wits about you and have quick reflexes in order to survive.”

What Type of Indie Game is Wizorb

Wizorb is, first and foremost, a combination of old-school RPGs and block-breaking titles. It features an engaging storyline, epic boss fights, various worlds to explore, and a fantasy village to rebuild.

Players will start off in a devastated fantasy town, of which they need to rebuild by earning money and completing game levels. Like any classic RPG, you can explore the town and interact with most of the inhabitants. As the game progresses, players will get perks and abilities from the villagers as a reward for returning everything to normal. Other than the various rewards to be earned, the village exploration mode serves no purpose in the main portion of the game.

The real game, takes place in small scale levels, filled with bricks, items and enemies that players must clear using a ball and paddle setup a la Breakout. The ball transforms into different objects throughout the course of the game and can also be altered through the use of spells and abilities.

Wizorb Boss FightThe spells and abilities include things like a fireball attack, a teleportation spell that allows you to set the ball anywhere in the field of play, and a gust of wind that can alter the movement of the ball by shifting it to the left and right. Players are not allowed to use spells endlessly as they drain an energy reserve during use, but energy can be refilled by collecting consumable potions that drop randomly during play.

The gameplay here is quite straight-forward, you must direct the ball, by bouncing it off a paddle, in order to eliminate all the blocks and enemies in the level. There are five stages total, each of which ends in a boss battle, and is comprised of several levels. There are also hidden or bonus levels that allow you to collect extra lives, money, and other abilities.

Wizorb Bar Item ShopIn addition to various levels, there are also item stores where you can purchase random pickups, abilities and potions with money.

Some of the abilities that can be picked up include a paddle extension, and a multiple ball pickup which launches three balls onto the playing field all at once.

Boss battles are standard fanfare of the brick-breaking genre, you must chisel away at a boss’s health all while avoiding projectile attacks. Once the boss is out of health, you progress to the next stage of the game. This gameplay continues, of course, until the game ends.

The Indie Game Wizorb is Available Now

Wizorb CutsceneWizorb is a charming title that mixes casual gaming elements and multiple game genres to provide a fun experience for all. We recommend you check out the game, for whatever platform you have available, because it is certainly worth playing.

The amount of content in Wizorb is enough to keep one busy for a few days, and there is certainly enough fun to be had to keep fans returning for more. There isn’t anything extraordinary to the game, besides the possibility to experience multiple endings, because the gameplay remains almost identical for every playthrough; however that doesn’t mean you should disregard Wizorb.

Wizorb is available now for Windows and Mac computers (Steam, and digital download) for $3.00, and Xbox 360, for 240 MS points, through the Indie Game platform.

Wizorb Village Exploration

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