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We live in a digital world, where everything is stored in digital form including movies, music and photos. Most disposable media like CDs and DVDs have become obsolete thanks to the widespread use of digital content.

Streaming services are currently on the rise, and so is the use of cloud storage. Almost everyone is streaming their content directly to their devices or TVs through the internet.
What happens though, to those poor souls who don’t have access to the internet or streaming services like everyone else? What happens to the folks who have tons of digital content but they can’t take advantage of it because they have no way to stream it to their TV?

The best way to get digital content and movie files ready for playback on a TV is to convert the file to a DVD ready format and then burn it to a writable DVD-R. Then, you can playback the content on a DVD player or gaming console, and no internet or network of any kind is required.

Convert X to DVD is The Best DVD Conversion Tool Around

Convert X to DVD Box ArtFor those folks who want to convert their digital content for playback on a TV, the best software to do so is Convert X to DVD.

Convert X supports a plethora of file formats including MKV, MOV, DIVX, AVI, WMV, MPEG and more. Just in case you’re not hip on the latest file formats, take our word for it that those listed are some of the most popular.

What’s a DVD without a stylized menu though? Convert X will even let you create custom menus with video samples and background music.

While the movie is converting, you can add chapters, automatically or at custom intervals. This allows you to browse chapters when watching the movie while using those nifty skip buttons. You can even include subtitles to go along with the audio, provided you have a corresponding subtitle file (they’re usually not hard to find).

Convert X will also merge two files together to form one seamless movie, which is perfect for those files that were split to conserve space.

Don’t worry about incompatible formats anymore, because Convert X can even convert NTSC to PAL and vice Versa.

Advanced Features of Convert X For The Uber Nerdy Videophiles

We know you videophiles are just salivating at the mouth, waiting to hear more features so here you go! Additional features of Convert X include the following:

  • 2 Pass Encoding
  • Multiple Encoding Profiles
  • Video/Audio/Subtitle Synch
  • Various Audio Formats Supported
  • Image Resize Filters like lanczos, linear, cubic, etc.
  • Quality Advisor (Suggestions about video output quality)
  • Multi-Core Processing and Encoding
  • Audio Amplifier for louder sound
  • Padding and Cropping Support
  • De-Interlacing
  • Batch Converter for simultaneous file conversions

Convert X to DVD

Convert X to DVD System Requirements

Convert X to DVD even has reasonable system requirements, but of course the more powerful the host computer the better and faster the conversion will be.

  • Processor: Intel Pentium III/ AMD Athlon (Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP or equivalent recommended)
  • 512MB RAM with Windows XP (1GB RAM with Windows Vista/7)
  • At least 4.3GB HDD Space, plus space for DVD ISO
  • DVD Burner

Get Convert X to DVD Now!

You can purchase Convert X to DVD now for $49.99 through the official website, but if you’d like to give the software a try first you can also download a free demo.

The DVDs converted with Convert X will play in any DVD player that supports DVD-/+R disc formats. Practically all modern DVD players do support playback of burned media, so you actually only have to worry about compatibility issues with older players.

The standard video conversion process takes anywhere from forty minutes to an hour, while the burning process can take anywhere from five minutes to twenty. So, make sure you plan accordingly and have the movies finished before you start movie night!

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  1. Convert X sounds like a good piece of software for this as you describe. One thing I never fully understood was the difference between DVD R+ and DVD R -, does it make any difference which one you use? What is the difference?

  2. Thanks for this precious information. I will try it soon with my friends. Hope it works well.

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