InvGate Says Game On IT Professionals, Game On

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Love what you do.

Those words offer a universal piece of advice that speak absolute wonders. Sure, everyone should love what they do, especially considering it’s what they’ll be doing day-in and day-out endlessly.

But anyone who’s had to do work in their life will tell you, loving what you do isn’t always easy. No matter the career, no matter the job, there’s always a part of it that will be excruciating – simple tasks can often lead to boring work.


InvGate Service DeskThere’s certainly no exception to that rule in the Integrated Technician field. There’s no denying the fact that while IT guys and gals love what they do, they certainly have to put up with some boring tasks required by their career.

InvGate aims to change the IT service and support industry with their new Service Desk software. InvGate Service Desk implements an innovative feature called Gamification.

InvGate Service Desk New Gamification Features

Gamification refers to a complete overhaul of the InvGate Service Desk UI, that basically introduces popular game mechanics into the software. The Gamification software upgrade is specifically designed to improve IT service delivery and help increase productivity and software familiarity. IT software can be complicated, and therefore can be hard to learn- even industry professionals can have a difficult time readjusting to new software versions.

InvGate Service Desk Personal ProfileThe new Gamification features of the InvGate Service Desk software will lead to what InvGate claims to be “faster adoption of the solution for technical staff and end users.”

Ariel Gesto, CEO of InvGate, spoke up about the new software implementations of Service Desk. “The IT Help desk market is crowded with tools that deliver a user experience that is not intuitive and require large investments in training to be productive. We built InvGate Service Desk from the ground up with the user experience as the key driver. With this innovative UI, Training and Implementation costs are greatly reduced and time to value is increased significantly.”

InvGate Service Desk Gamification

The new Service Desk software will allow companies and organizations to create achievements and rewards for IT professionals, while also providing additional incentives to users. Just like what can be found on modern gaming consoles and platforms, users will receive a personalized profile presented in a “gaming-style” that shows off user achievements. In addition users will also be able to display completed quests, badges and prizes which they’ve subsequently won. This roughly translates to a fun, and rewarding experience for IT professionals that can be compared to something also found in the latest Call of Duty title.

InvGate Service Desk Active QuestsYes, IT professionals will now be embarking on serious software quests – but it’s highly unlikely any of those quests will involve saving a beautiful dame or prince charming.

The gaming-style features and personalized profiles will also encourage the IT community to be more social and collaborative, as projects will begin to merge between several professionals or even organizations for that matter. Users will continuously vow to earn the next best IT badge and achievement for their fully customized profile. At least, that’s what InvGate is hoping.

InvGate Service Desk User Leaderboard“The addition of the Gamification features will drive even more business value, incenting employees to outdo themselves on day-to-day tasks that focus on the delivery of business objectives or desired outcomes,” says Gesto.

InvGate Service Desk Gamification Will Change The IT Service Industry

We’re predicting a lot of the younger folks in the IT industry will take to this revolutionary feature quickly – the older folks (and by older we mean more experienced), who know what they’re doing already and who have a more complete understanding of the industry, won’t necessarily need such software. But still, it may be a great opportunity to introduce some fun into those boring areas of the IT field.

InvGate Service Desk User BadgesBasically what can be taken away from this entire article, is that the IT career field probably won’t be as boring for some of you as it is now. No silly, we did not just say that the entire IT industry is boring – or did we?

IT questing time!

As an added bonus, and for those wondering who InvGate is, here’s a small description lifted directly from their latest press release:

“InvGate Inc. is an innovative software development company specializing in creating next generation IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions that focus on enriching the user experience while delivering powerful functionality to empower the business to drive more value from IT. With customers in over 20 countries that include: government, education, retail and corporations of all sizes. InvGate helps manage over 200,000 assets with InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Asset to help IT department’s drive down costs, improve IT staff performance, increase service levels and deliver real value to the customers they support.”

For more information visit:

InvGate’s Official Website
InvGate Service Desk Gamification features

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