iOS 7 Right On Schedule

by Thea 0

Contrary to the various reports suggesting otherwise, iOS 7 is getting the final touches for a scheduled release. Several media sources have been speculating a possible delay in the release time table owing to certain software changes. While there is truth in the fact that Apple had to shift resources, the switch from OS X to iOS is not, in any way, going to affect the update release. Apple has been hinting mysteriously that we are about to see the future of OS X and iOS, but they have remained silent about what these new versions could mean for devices. This kind of onus of software could mean that we might just see something new on all Apple devices including the desktops running OS X and the smart phones and tablet devices running iOS.

The entire redesigning process is taking more time than previously anticipated. A major chunk of Apple’s resources is engaged in the process. There is some amount of speculation going around about the new changes. Quite possibly, Apple may just be giving the iOS a major visual refresh. Since its introduction, the iOS has looked and functioned the same way, more or less. The new iOS however, will supposedly look to embrace a new ‘flat’ design. The fresh design scheme will be favoring regular solid colors to rid the effect of mimic-ing reflections and textures of typical physical materials. The built-in calendar and e-mail tools are also up for a major revamp. The management has been under turmoil in recent times and the departure of Scott Forstall last year caused an unforeseen pause in development. Since then the development process has gotten onto a completely new track and with a new focus.

The iOS has retained its normal aesthetic value for over six years now. However, stability is starting to feel similar to stagnation. The iOS 7 will look to modernize the user interface and infuse the OS with some fresh energy. The basic app functionality, the operation of the OS and the overall look of it is a very hard thing to replace. Nevertheless, Apple is going all guns at it. This new modification is all set to totally reboot the iOS and present a fresh way of handling the device to the users. The detractors of Apple who have been cribbing about how stagnant the UI is can find another tree to bark up now.

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC, is scheduled to take place in June. The iOS 7 is almost set to make an appearance at the WWDC. The WWDC appearance might however be just a preview version for public developers and not the whole deal. Nevertheless, this would be the first opportunity to get a good peek at the iOS 7 and figure out exactly how extensive the new modifications are. The WWDC landing page too proclaims the coming of the next step in OS X and iOS. The WWDC will most probably be running packed already with developers and other public hoping to catch a sneak-peek of the iOS 7. It’s never too late to get your own tickets however.

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