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Here we have found some of the top news going around for the first week of may about the release of the new iPhone (5?) – The name is still not known, but the first piece of news would lead us to believe that it could well be called the iphone 5.

Apple in the past have moved to claim the domain names of their other model names, and in this case they have done it before releasing the phone. Normally they go after the domains within weeks of the phone’s release.

Here is the latest news regarding the release of the most anticipated smartphone (ever?):


Apple Wants iPhone 5 Domain Name, Asks UN Agency to Shut It …


Will the next generation iPhone be officially known as the iPhone 5? That’s what a recent complaint filed by Apple hints at.

Interesting post about how the iPhone 5 domain name (currently a forum) is subject of an ‘Apple Takeover’ – could this give us a clue as to the name of the new iPhone?

iPhone 5 Will Be Taller, Have 4 Inch Screen


There are a lot of iPhone 5 rumors circulating online (we have certainly reported on a number of them here at the Inquisitr) and it is sometimes.

Latest spec rumors making the rounds. We have already written ourselves about the expected iphone 5 specs

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Apple iPhone 5 [rumor round-up]


This article aims to compare the rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy S3 against those regarding the Apple iPhone 5.

Another interesting comparison quote, similar to the one Joel did for us a few days ago. Although of course, ours is talking about the iphone 4s, and is more accurate as the specs are already known.

This Liquidmetal iPhone 5 concept looks quite believable


As rumors about Apple switching to the all-new metallic glass material for a next-generation iPhone continue to persist, one designer has weighed in with.

Things are taking shape as the rumor mill heats up. As well as talk about the Liquidmetal case, there is also talk that the new iphone 5 will have NFC tech. (Needs to keep pace with samsung’s galaxy s3 right? 🙂 )

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