iPhone 6: The Vision

by Thea 0

The iPhone was launched hardly a few months ago. The brand new device faced its fair share of criticism for revamping the connector dock among other things. This is regardless of the fact that the iPhone 5 managed to sell a record number of devices within a week of its launch. People literally queued up in front of vendor outlets to get their device. The iPhone 5 came with a better and sharper OS the iOS 6. The entire design schematics of the device had been re-invented. This was an iPhone to meet the demands of customers who are comfortable using a larger screen than was available previously.

The cash box is still ringing with the demand for the iPhone 5 ever increasing. The iPhone is still very fresh in the market but a daring designer has thought ahead. This designer has had a vision of what he thinks the next iPhone should look like. The stunning design renders of the new iPhone concept would mean that we will finally see some path breaking changes to the overall look and feel of the iPhone. Readers have also gone ahead and assumed that Apple will title the possible redesign of the phone as the iPhone 6.

The concept arises from the users love for the iPod Nano. The design has been done mostly keeping the Nano in mind, but the device looks uncannily like the Nokia Lumia. The OS also has been given a slight touch up by the designer who likes to think of an ideal cross between the Mac OS X and iOS. There are, however, many other iPhone concepts trending on the internet.  Popular among them are the curved designs that are also capable of incorporating the much hyped Apple television. There is also a fair amount of speculation that the future versions of the Apple devices will be offering many more color and screen size options.

The most exciting concept to yet feature on the cyberspace has to be the projection keyboard and screen concept. The preview shows an iPhone5-looking device that separates from the camera and speaker setup and hinges to provide projection systems on either side. A screen projected onto any wall opposite you and a keyboard projected onto a flat surface turn your Apple iPhone into a full-fledged Mac computer. The technology for this kind of a device is probably only available in the science fiction world currently. Although, knowing Apple, they may have more than they let on usually.

The latest version of the iOS which was supposed to come out this summer was delayed for certain reasons. The next iPhone is probably many months away. And these unsupported rumors are the only bits of news we can hope to learn for some time to come. All the speculations aside, consumers around the world want to see a device that will stand apart from anything in the market. The fiasco with the maps and a few design elements that have caused unwanted ire among consumers needs to go. Apple really has a great opportunity to recapture the massive amounts of client base that it lost to Android over the maps mismanagement. But as a consumer, all we may ever need is a great device.

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