The Coolest And Most Useful iPhone Gadgets

by Briley 1

Wouldn’t it be cool, if out of all the useless iPhone gadgets out there, you could find one that allowed you to drive a remote control Ferrari from your phone screen? Or what if one of those iPhone gadgets allowed you to see your newborn on your phone while watching football in another room? Well now you can have iPhone gadgets just like that!

We’ve scoured the endless droves of available phone accessories to bring you a complete list of the coolest and most useful iPhone gadgets on the market.

Coolest iPhone Gadgets

No one wants to see a boring list of iPhone gadgets first, useful or not, so we’ll start the list off with a bunch of the coolest iPhone gadgets available.

Silverlit Interactive Remote Control Enzo Ferrari – This sleek and sexy “hobby grade” remote control Ferrari can be controlled wirelessly via a bluetooth connection using an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

iPhone GadgetsThe remote control Ferrari even comes with an application to allow full control via the iPad or iPhone’s touchscreen. The application also uses the iPhone or iPad’s integrated accelerometer to allow tilt controls for finer precision. Along with touch and tilt controls, the application displays an interactive dashboard complete with working light switches, a horn and information gauges.

The Silverlit Remote Control Ferrari is priced at $74.35 on Amazon.

Incipio Stowaway Hard Shell iPhone Case – Cases are a dime a dozen these days, and really don’t do much besides protect the outsides of a phone – because let’s face it, a bad drop, even with a case on a phone, will likely hurt the insides.

iPhone GadgetThe iPhone Stowaway case not only protects your iPhone but offers a unique rear storage compartment to store credit cards, money and basically anything that would fit in a wallet. Most folks keep their phone close by at all times anyways, why not use it to store credit cards and money; besides, who needs a wallet?

The compartment door can also double as a unique stand, making this case more reliable than most others out there. The case itself is made of a polycarbonate plastic which Incipio claims is “impact resistant” thanks to the combined silicone core.

The Incipio Stowaway iPhone case is at $17.85 only on Amazon (instead of $34.99), and is available in one color, black.

Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor for iPhone – Sometimes it’s just necessary to check your blood pressure, but unfortunately it’s not an easy thing to check.

Best iPhone GadgetThe Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor allows users to directly check their blood pressure via a connected iPhone. The included band and pressure monitor instantly collects blood pressure and heart pulse measurements and transmits the information to the Withings iPhone application. The Withings blood pressure system also allows users to track, graph and monitor blood pressure regularly via the related application.

It’s great for those fortunate athletes who love to keep tabs on their health, or for those less fortunate folks who just need to constantly monitor blood pressure levels.

The Withings blood pressure monitor is at $129 on Amazon.

Most Useful iPhone Gadgets & Accessories

Those were some cool gadgets, but now on to more practical matters and iPhone gadgets that are useful in our everyday environments!

Freedom i-Connex Mini Keyboard – One of the most useful accessories for any touchscreen device is a physical keyboard, and the iPhone and iPad devices have no shortage of external keyboards.

Useful iPhone Gadgets

The Freedom i-Connex model is a wireless bluetooth keyboard designed for use with the iPhone and iPad devices. The keyboard includes HID profiles (for HID enabled devices), multimedia controls (play, pause, etc.), and an integrated rechargeable battery. The keyboard also includes an underside folding stand to allow additional support when in use. But the best part about the i-Connex mini keyboard is that it’s only $34.52 on Amazon.

Boxwave Keyboard Buddy Case for iPhone – Okay, so we just talked about a portable keyboard for the iPhone, so what?

iPhone GadgetThe Boxwave Keyboard Buddy is an external iPhone case that includes an integrated hardware keyboard (fully back-lit).

The case itself helps protect the back and sides of the connected iPhone while also providing a slide-out QWERTY hardware keyboard. The Boxwave case can be purchased for $59.95 and is available in a black or white matte finish.

Jawbone JAMBOX Portable Wireless Speaker – The Jawbone JAMBOX is a Bluetooth capable speaker designed completely for use on the go.

iPhone GadgetsMobile phones don’t always produce the most audible sound in the world- some environments even negate the sound that an iPhone can emit. Fortunately, there’s plenty of portable speakers that offer external audio support in cases where more sound is needed, or desired, from a mobile device.

But the JAMBOX isn’t just any portable speaker, it’s one of the best available and is packed with some of the coolest and most useful features to date. The Jawbone JAMBOX delivers high-quality streaming audio and offers up to 10 hours of continuous playback with an integrated and rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The JAMBOX also makes use of Jawbone’s “Just sync it with MyTALK” software to offer third party applications, software upgrades and user preferences over-the-air (OTA).

The JAMBOX portable wireless speaker costs $174.99 and is available in four colors; red dot, black diamond, blue wave, and grey hex.

It’s worth noting that this useful iPhone gadget isn’t locked down to Apple devices, in fact any Bluetooth 2.1 compliant device is compatible.

iBaby Monitor – Have a newborn that needs watching? The iBaby monitor connects a two-way audio and visual capable camera directly to your iPhone.

Most Useful iPhone GadgetsThe iBaby Monitor camera fully pivots and rotates while remaining in place and can be controlled directly via a connected iPhone. The monitor system transmits to the connected iPhone at all times and can also be programmed to activate upon a baby’s movement or crying.

Real baby monitors are a pain to carry around, and only have a limited range while the iBaby monitor simply requires you to make use of your phone, which you’re probably always using anyways.

The iBaby Monitor system is at $199.95 on Amazon.

The Coolest and Most Useful iPhone Gadgets

You can’t have a complete “best of” list without a related honorable mentions section so naturally, here’s some additional iPhone gadgets we came across during our search that are worth mentioning.

Cool iPhone Gadgets: Honorable Mentions

Apogee Jam Guitar Input – A guitar input for iPhone and iPad devices.

MicroVision ShowWX Pico Projector – A portable video projector for use with iPhone and iPad devices.

BeoSound 8 Floating Sound Dock – A speaker dock for the iPhone that gives the illusion the device is floating when connected.

MyPhoneLeash – If you lose your phone a lot this gadget is for you. It’s a leash that connects your pants directly to your iPhone.

Useful iPhone Gadgets: Honorable Mentions

Just Mobile Xtand Go – A pivotal car stand for iPhone mobile devices.

Magellan Rugged iPhone Tough Case – An extreme iPhone case for extreme measures, if this doesn’t protect your phone who knows what will.

Griffin PowerDock Dual – A multi-functional charging dock for the iPhone and Apple devices, oh and it also holds pocket junk.

Matias Folding Keyboard – This is a full size bluetooth keyboard for Apple devices including the iPhone.

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