Kingston Digital Launches Wi Drive iPad and iPhone

by Neha 1

Introducing Kingston Wi Drive – Kingston Digital is a brand name synonymous with storage capacities for some time now. They are now paying a closer attention to Apple users with their new storage device called Kingston Wi Drive.

Kingston Wi Drive

Kingston Wi Drive is particularly for the iPod Touch, iPad and the iPhone (3G, 3GS or 4). It just works like a normal USB device, only wirelessly.

Moreover, there’s a USB port provided in order to make it compatible with PCs. This way you can transfer the data from non Mac devices on to the Wi Drive, and can thus access it from the Apple devices mentioned above.

Kingston Wi Drive: Features & Options

The Kingston Digital Wi Drive is available in two storage capacities; one of 16 GB and the other of 32 GB. It works via an interface which is Kingston’s app made for the purpose in order to connect with the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. The device is provided with 802.11 b/g/n wireless standard with WPA/WEP network security and it supports numerous media file formats including MOV, AAC, MP4, MP3, etc. and various document and image formats like PDF, JPG and the rest.

Furthermore, Kingston Digital Wi Drive can transfer files to 3 different iOS devices within a 30 foot range simultaneously. The design of the Wi Drive is inspired by the iPod touch as it has rounded corners in a glossy case with a sleek and shiny body measuring 4.7″ by 2.4″ and 0.3″ thick. “It’s also a great companion for Windows users on iPads, as it removes the frustration of using auto sync to view content”, says its website.

Kingston Wi DriveThe Kingston Wi Drive is made to address the very increasing storage needs of Apple users. With the help of this sleek and portable storage solution, you can now expand the number of documents, images, music and video files you want to access from your Apple devices.

Wi-Drive uses Flash-based technology to store data from USB-compatible PCs. These files can then be retrieved through Wi-Drive’s built-in wireless signal so no cables or an Internet connection is required. The best thing about Wi Drive is that 3 users can work at the same time with different file types using a single Wi-Drive, and that too without a second of disruption.

Kingston Digital Wi Drive: A Good Solution for Apple users

So, if you are running out of storage for your Apples devices, then Kingston Digital Wi Drive would prove to be just the perfect solution! You have to decide whether it is a good value for money or not as it would depend upon your storage needs and number of Apple devices you own. You can get the 16 GB for $130 and the 32 GB version for $175. Kingston Digital Wi Drive will be available for purchase later in June.

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