Looking for Some Inner Peace? Try This App

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Inner peace is what we all crave today. Stillness of mind and the absence of negative thoughts create inner peace. How to achieve this? What triggers unpleasant situations is our inner emotional state.

Meditation is the best known method of achieving mental and emotional balance. However, some of us cannot meditate easily due to constant inner thoughts. While outer help like teachers are not easily available, some techniques can be followed that can help us achieve that inner balance that could prove life-changing.

Some of those techniques include concentrating on breathing and transcendental meditation that uses the chanting of a mantra to focus the mind and still the thoughts. How about being able to monitor your relaxation level while meditating, to help you reach the state of heightened awareness faster and in a smooth manner?

HeartMath’s iOS-based Inner Balance app is a biofeedback system that can help put your heart and mind in sync, thus balancing your emotions and clearing out negative thoughts. A simple device having a sensor clipped to your earlobe and connected to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod helps you achieve serenity and displays your relaxation level.

Using emWave technology, this ear clip measures your pulse and helps you know your own relaxation level so you can decide if your meditation technique is working for you. You need to simply download the free Inner Balance app and connect the wired sensor’s dock 30-pin connector to your iPhone or iPad and clip the sensor to your ears. (iPhone 5 and new iPad users will need an adapter for the Lightning connector.)

The objective is to achieve the green signal that will indicate your state of total relaxation. So take a deep breath, focus on breathing, and watch the flow of colorful graphics to know how coherent you are getting as you simultaneously concentrate and relax. Watching yourself successfully meditating will enhance your chances of learning to meditate anywhere, anytime, unfolding completely the mystery of meditation!

Spokesperson of Inner Balance app, Boehmer says that at higher challenge levels like these, you need to activate an emotional state to achieve the green zone.

I tried to use this gadget in an angry state and it took me longer to go from the lowest level of red to medium blue and then finally I reached the green zone – the state of Nirvana. An inner peace engulfed me, dissipating my anger completely! I had learnt to alter the way I reacted to stressful situations. I had achieved a very desirable end result that would help me bring myself to the coveted tranquil state every time I got angry. This saved me from harmful and embarrassing situations where I would have needed to deal with the after effects of my negative emotions.

Start practicing with this little $99 Inner Balance system that comes with its hardware and free software, about three times a day, to see what sort of thoughts and actions actually work to achieve coherence. This could alter your life for the better.

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