New Apps That You Just Can't Afford to Miss

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Keeping count of newly released apps is tough business. Just to simplify things for you, here’s a complete roundup for this week’s favorite new apps.

The newest this week from Google’s Niantic labs, Ingress is an interactive app that turns your entire neighborhood into your very own game board. Encouraging couch potatoes to get off their seats, this app throws you new adventures to follow in your own locality. You can unlock new weapons, adventures and other features using local landmarks and statues as your markers.

Banjo AppBanjo
This popular social discovery app provided updates for its Google and Android users. The newest design incorporates various social features, and lets you discover check-ins, photos and tweets from your friends from around the world, unlike previously, when you were just told where they were at that moment.

Ever been to a game only to realize you’ve got lousy seats while there are still some seats left for the take? Then this app is just the thing for you. Pogoseat upgrades your tickets and delivers virtual tickets right to your device allowing relocating to a better location instantly.

Uncle Sarah
Appearing to be an app for the kids on the outside, this new app from comedian Sarah Silverman is a 9+ app just for Silverman fans. The game contains some not very family-friendly parts that include crude humor and mild profanity.

Mr. Porter the Tux
Mr. Porter, a popular online menswear retailer launched an iPad app recently, specifically designed to aid men in preparation for formal occasions. The app contains video footage and photographic tutorials for fixing bowties and cocktails. It also teaches you how to don a tuxedo, dance techniques and party etiquette. Recommendations for appropriate shops are included.

This app discovers the available rental properties near you and identifies fresh listings for you. You can bookmark favorites and be notified when those properties cease to be available. Contact information is also provided on properties that interest you.

Box for android
This Android app allows you to sneak a peek at your documents from the app without actually opening them. Also you can now download complete folders offline. Featuring a new transfer manager, the app can now handle share-link URLs. Folder and file descriptions are now not only viewable but also editable directly from within the app.

Candy Crush
The app that’s a favorite on Facebook made its way into iOS recently. You need to combine three pieces or more of similar type and clear them off the screen.

Bloomberg For iPad
Previously a simple portfolio tracker and news app, Bloomberg’s flagship app is now a full-bodied tracking indexes and stocks that you care for. With full robust charting tools news is tailored for your portfolio.

Ding Dong
Meeting a friend? You can now ‘Ding’ him with your location to either say you’ve arrived or to inform him you’re running late. Your friend can ‘Dong’ in return including his information.

Talk To
Booking reservations for dinner or checking with your favorite shop for a pair of jeans has now been simplified to just sending a text. This app makes certain your message gets delivered and gathers a response in return.

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