Nintendo Welcomes “U” to the Family

by Briley 4

Nintendo Wii U Controller In Use

Nintendo stole the show Tuesday morning, at their E3 press conference, by finally unveiling their new console- the Nintendo Wii U Next-Gen.

While the name may not be the most serious thing in the world (quite silly actually), Nintendo’s new console is nothing to laugh at.

As predicted, Nintendo plans to finally re-enter the hardcore gaming market, and provide a true next-gen experience. The Nintendo Wii U Next-Gen includes several new innovations that compliment the original Wii’s motion sensing gameplay capabilities.

Introducing the Nintendo Wii U Next-Gen Game Console

The biggest feature of the Nintendo Wii U Next-Gen console is the HD resolution support and next gen graphics. But the Wii U also includes a controller that has a small 6.2″, 16:9 LCD touch screen display built-in, which is a very innovative and fresh feature that will revolutionize next gen gaming.

Nintendo Wii U Next-Gen Early Prototype ModelIn the visual demos Nintendo showed a very real possibility of two players, playing two separate game titles via one console; one playing on the television, and another playing on the small controller screen. Of course the new controller will also implement all the same Wii features everyone has grown to love, with the combined support of a small touch screen display.

For instance, the demo showed players using the new controller as a floor display while playing golf. The new controller showed the ball on the ground, and the impact when the player used the Wii-mote to swing. Basically it helps create a more realistic and physical gaming experience.

The controller can also allow players to do several different things at one time; a great example Nintendo provided, involved a player choosing sports plays or viewing strategies via the small screen, while watching the AI still interact on the television.

Nintendo Wii U ControllerThe new Nintendo Wii U Next-Gen controller also includes an integrated accelerometer, a stylus, rumble/vibration support, a camera, a microphone, integrated speakers and a sensor strip (touch).

Nintendo has also promised to deliver a more polished and immersive online experience. Of course, since most of the previewed games and scenarios were prototypes, details about the online functionality weren’t supplied in great depth. All we know for sure is that Nintendo plans to provide a better online experience similar to Xbox Live or the Playstation Network- but hopefully Nintendo’s network won’t be hacked in the future with a month long downtime. There has been no word yet if Nintendo’s online service will be free or paid, only time will tell.

Nintendo Wii U Next-Gen Game Console

The Nintendo Wii U Next-Gen console will be backwards compatible with all Wii game titles, and will also support the use of all previous Wii peripherals including controllers and third party devices.

Nintendo Wii U Controller In UseThe Wii U console will also include integrated memory and storage support (exact amount unknown) with the option to connect external storage options. So basically the Wii U will include an internal hard drive, but players will also have the option to connect an external hard drive or flash based memory device if they need more storage space. Similar features can be seen in both the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony PS3 consoles.

The model of the internal processor or CPU was not revealed, but Nintendo does state on the official product page that it is an IBM power, multi-core processor.

So, now that all the important features have been outlined, it’s rather easy to see why Nintendo stole the E3 show! Nintendo has yet to announce an official price point for the Wii U, but they have unveiled plans to release the console sometime in 2012.

So here’s looking at you Nintendo… kid. We can’t wait to get our hands on a Nintendo Wii U Next-Gen game console in 2012.

Nintendo Wii U Next-Gen Game Console Discussion

What do you think of the news, are you excited for Nintendo’s true entrance into the Next-Gen gaming world? Are you already planning on purchasing the Wii U console? Are you plain fed up with Nintendo and choosing to stick with other next-gen competitors (PS3, Xbox 360)? Please join the discussion and let us know in the dedicated Nintendo Wii U Next-Gen console forum thread!

Source: Official Nintendo Wii U Next-Gen Game Console Page

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