Online Slots: A Growing Craze

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With one player winning a record-breaking 18 million Euros last week from online slots winnings, it’s quite clear that online slots has become a growing, and lucrative, craze.

It’s the highest amount won yet – the previous amount being 6 million Euros. Casinos are clearly now being given a run for the money, as the proliferation of online gambling apps for computers and smartphones continues to grow.

Why is this, though? What makes online slots so much better than using the actual slot machines? This article aims to find out why you’re more likely to enjoy online slots games like the Queen of the Nile slot game over going to your local casino.

It’s all about ease

Imagine getting out of bed and going to a casino. Pretty hard, isn’t it? You’re spending on gas to get all the way there, probably in traffic, and then you have to pay for parking, not to mention all the other things you have to pay for once you’re there.

If you do win anything, you have to queue for ages to claim your winnings. All in all, it’s not really an ideal way to spend your day.

Now, if you could get your gambling fix from your Smartphone – or even online – it’d be different story. No waiting, no driving, no being crowded out at your favourite slot machine. Everything you want at the casino is available to you at the click of a button.

Other benefits

Different slot machines have different payback percentages. Payback percentage refers to the percentage of money that will be paid back out to the player. For instance, a slot machine with 90 per cent payback percentage will mean that 10 per cent of the money inserted into the machine will go back to the casino.

Finding slot machines with the best payback percentages can be very time consuming. It’ll have taken more than a few trips to different casinos before you find the right percentage for you.

It’s a different story online, on the other hand. You will have all the payback percentages of each online slot machine displayed to you immediately, making it easier for you to make your choice.

Far more variety

If you’re sick of the same old nonsense at your local casino, online slots might offer you a little more than your usual gambling experience.

There is such a wide variety of online slot machines now, from Lord of the Rings slots to Iron Man slot machines – more than enough to grab your attention!

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