Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Review

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Library

The main subject of this Adobe Lightroom review is Adobe’s latest software version, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3. Photoshop Lightroom 3 is Adobe’s high-end digital photography editing application. More specifically, Lightroom 3 is Adobe’s solution to Apple’s release of the Aperture 3 software.

Lightroom ReviewLightroom is specifically designed for photographers, photo journalists and the extreme digital image enthusiasts. The main purpose of Lightroom is to allow users the option to organize, process and digitally enhance image files (with RAW support).

Of course, Adobe upgraded the previous version of Lightroom by adding new features and functions but they also aimed to provide a generally accessible and more intuitive user interface with Lightroom 3.

Adobe Lightroom Review

The Adobe Lightroom 3 interface is split into “modules”, which are designed to break up the main functions of the software. The Lightroom 3 modules or modes are categorized as follows: Library, Develop, Slideshow, Print and Web. Each module allows users to take advantage of different features, which together comprise the core functions of Lightroom’s style (“organize, develop and produce”).

Before continuing with the Adobe Lightroom review we’ve provided a more specific description of the included software modules, which can be seen below.

Adobe Lightroom Review

– The Library module allows users to import and export files, and organize them completely.

– The Develop module allows users to edit RAW files, and the imported images, as well as touch-up and improve them altogether.

– The Slideshow module, of course, allows users to view all the imported images, edited images or a selection of images through a stylish and themed slideshow.

– The Print module allows users several different options to print completed work or images from the Lightroom library.

– The Web module allows users to ready images for upload to the web or social media sites. It is important to note that currently the Lightroom application only includes integrated support for image uploads to Flickr.

Lightroom 3 is currently the most expensive professional editing software available when compared to related products in the same price range. As an initial breakdown of the review we would like to state that Lightroom 3 is the best available, and it is the only worthy solution in its product range for professionals using a PC.

The only competition for Adobe’s Lightroom 3 software, worth mentioning, is Apple’s Aperture 3 application which is only available to Mac OSX users. Obviously Windows 7 and PC users are deterred from using Mac software (because it’s incompatible), so the only option is something like Adobe Lightroom 3. That’s not to say however, that the PC and Windows users are left out when it comes to reliable and well designed professional photo editing software.

Adobe Lightroom Review – Software Overview

Adobe Lightroom Review- LibraryAdobe Lightroom 3 has it all; custom organization and categorization options, photo editing and enhancement features, visually stunning slideshow support, and of course individual print and web publishing options.

All features or “modules” work fantastic and include a simple and easy to use layout. The layout is not quite as simplistic as Apple’s Aperture software, but PC users will feel right at home with the extra customization options offered. The Adobe Lightroom 3 layout and interface, although packed with plenty of options, doesn’t seem cluttered at all, and the entire work environment flows quite well during a complete project. The Adobe Lightroom 3 interface does take some getting used to, but navigating it will become second nature for users over time.

Adobe Lightroom ReviewLightroom 3 includes several new features that make older versions deserving of the upgrade. Those new features include a fresh RAW processing engine, photo enhancement presets (with options to socially share them), Flickr plugins (integrated upload), a unique Lens correction tool tailored to high end lenses, and increased tethering and video support.

The RAW image processing in Adobe Lightroom 3 is non-destructive which means that the original or source file is not altered in any way during enhancement or image edits. Instead a duplicate, or copy file, is created specifically for editing.

When compared to similar software (iPhoto, Aperture, ACDSee) Adobe Lightroom 3 remains less time consuming, provided users take advantage of the custom preset options.

During an image edit or enhancement session users can alter images using a number of pre-defined, or user created, presets to improve images. This means once users develop a process, they can quickly import images, enhance them for publication with a quick preset selection, and then outsource them – all in a matter of minutes.

Adobe Lightroom Review

The Lightroom 3 RAW image processing engine works wonders. Unfortunately most amateurs won’t recognize any serious differences between Lightroom and alternate RAW processing programs and applications. The real Lightroom processing gusto factors in only when there are high-ISO image shots.

Adobe Lightroom Review- Web Menu

The enhanced noise grain, image sharpening and detail sensors work together to produce a more natural quality in enhanced images; this is a feature which is quite lacking in other RAW processing programs. Even when tweaked to maximum possible settings, the noise and detail input features still look rewarding. Not to mention Lightroom includes a brush tool to select parts of an image to touch-up separately which makes great use of the same detail and noise enhancement options. The brush feature, especially when combined with high-ISO shots, can be used to enhance the integral parts of an image whilst leaving out unfocused edges and foreground or background items.

Overall the RAW processing engine combined with the unique noise and detail input settings can greatly enhance any professional image.

When users have finished enhancing images they can preview an entire collection via the slideshow module. There really isn’t much to say about the slideshow support of Lightroom 3, as it’s equal to any alternate photo slideshow software and does pretty much the exact same thing. However, it is worth noting that, if satisfied with the slideshow, users can export the entire demonstration to a video file for use with external video editing software.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Review – The User Library

Of course you can’t feature an Adobe Lightroom review without talking about the incredible organization options.

Users can organize and sort photos in the Lightroom 3 library by custom defined catalogs. These catalogs are further broken down into collections which include full metadata support.

Each image in the library is updated with the proper information including defined keywords, metadata, and social media comments. All information and data is connected to the imported library files and not the actual source files.

After being sorted, images can be directly published to Flickr, Facebook or SmugMug social services directly from the library.

Adobe Lightroom Review – Photoshop Lightroom 3

Adobe Lightroom ReviewTo conclude our Adobe Lightroom review, we’d like to state that Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 is one of the best professional photo editing options on the market. With it’s quick develop functions, easy production options, and social media integration, Lightroom 3 offers more than enough for industry professionals.

More specifically, Professionals will take to the incredible selection, and output quality of the photo enhancement settings, while photo enthusiasts will get a kick out of the select preset options, which look just as great. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 is a great option for anyone looking to spruce up images with a professional photo feel.

The Lightroom 3 trial is available free for anyone looking to try out the software, and provides a complete 30 day access with absolutely no restrictions (complete use of the software and features are permitted). Thank you for reading our Adobe Lightroom review; after trying it out, we feel you’ll agree the software is one of the best currently available on the market. The cheapest place we found for buying Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 is Amazon. Click here to order Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 at 33% OFF!

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