PC Tools Antivirus Software Review

by Briley 2

There are countless hordes of Antivirus applications and programs out there, much like the PC Tools antivirus software we’re about to review. Unfortunately in a completely saturated market like this, it can be hard to find worthy products that actually protect our most trusted machines and our private information.

Market saturation leaves quite a bit of room for sub-par products and poor design on many fronts. It’s easy to get lost and snag a poorly designed and maintained product in such a sea of antivirus software.

PC Tools offers a competitive line of PC and Windows antivirus software tools to help protect machines from external intrusions. But with a rated MSRP of $49.99 customers will definitely want to know if the product is worth the price tag and what it offers for security.


PC Tools Antivirus Software Review (PC Tools Internet Security 2011)

PC Tools is a complete internet security suite that provides protection from viruses, spyware, firewall and spam. PC Tools offers completely free tech support with the purchase of every product copy, so for those less computer inclined folks- there’s plenty of help to be had setting up the software.

PC Tools Antivirus Software User InterfaceUpon booting up the application, it’s evident that the PC Tools antivirus software UI is generic and looks pretty much like every other antivirus environment out there, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s easy enough to navigate the UI; all the important tasks and options are given their own button (as you can see in the image on the left).

It’s the standard fanfare here, with options to start an immediate computer scan, turn on or off the firewall and spam protection and activate the “Intelliguard” feature (which is basically PC Tools version of realtime protection encompassing tools from the entire suite).


How PC Tools Antivirus and Internet Security Suite 2011 Functions

The automatic scanning and protection tools work exactly as advertised with no hiccups, and it’s certainly worth noting the scanning tools appear to be much more thorough than AVG, Avast! and Kaspersky. On the PC Tools website, potential customers can match up the PC Tools antivirus software with various other application brands and titles, the match up will then project a score for each product chosen and list the winner. On the site, PC Tools of course wins every match up, but it’s not quite that truthful to real world results. One product does pull ahead of PC Tools antivirus, and that is ESET Smart Security Suite (version 4).

PC Tools Internet Security Suite 2011Of course the ESET product costs quite a bit more starting at $59.99 for a 1 year subscription for use on only one PC. The user interface of the PC Tools antivirus software is also much more consumer friendly than ESET’s security suite and antivirus products, which makes it much more ideal for the average users out there and when considering the price point, the PC Tools software is one of the best on the market.

PC Tools Internet Security 2011 also includes malware and spyware protection that works quite well and eliminates all existing and future threats with ease. Additionally the PC Tools Internet Security Suite includes an integrated application firewall that also works as it should and completely protects the computer in question. Unfortunately the firewall security notification can become obtrusive, and pops up often while working on a PC. In fact the firewall access notification gets just as bad as Windows Vista and 7’s User Access Controls; which many users eventually end up disabling.


PC Tools Antivirus/ Internet Security Suite 2011

PC Tools Antivirus Box ArtAside from the minor firewall notification nuisance, PC Tools antivirus software pulls it’s weight in gold and is one of the best available software options on the market. Keep in mind however that the PC Tools software is suited more for the average consumer, so more advanced users may feel left out as there aren’t many customization or tweak options.

If you’re in the market for antivirus software the PC Tools Antivirus and Internet Security Suite 2011 is only $49.99 and includes a 1 year subscription for up to three different PCs. The cheapest place we found to purchase PC Tools Internet Security 2011 is Amazon. Click here to order it now at the lowest price you can find.

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PC Tools also offers free Antivirus protection (free software version) with limited product support and a cheap bundle that includes Spyware Doctor with Antivirus software for a very low price (1 year subscription for up to 3 different PCs). Thanks to the various product options, consumers will be able to find the right PC Tools antivirus software that meets their individual needs and budget.

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