RockMelt on iPad

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Surfing the Internet isn’t always fun. When you have to check your favorite sites for updates, sometimes it gets tiring. To make our lives easier (and to make us a bit more lazier), we have the RockMelt team. They believe that content should be delivered to you, and you shouldn’t go hunting for it. This is why it uses the browser on your iPad to build a stream of content.

It lets you connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts so that you can pull feeds from websites that you like and follow your friends. The app combines all the stuff into one big omni-feed that brings you updates from all your favorite websites. And the best part? It doesn’t even have an address bar!

Rockmelt Social BrowserThe iPad app comes from the same people who developed RockMelt social browser, an app that was built on Chromium. And its registrations are picking up, showing that people are really interested in it: an increase of 4 million users since January. And the active users spend more than 7 hours a day on RockMelt. Where is it lacking? It doesn’t have a budget big enough for large scale marketing campaign.

But what the app surely has is much insight into how people surf the web. With some research, the RockMelt team found out that people don’t like to enter URLs or search terms; they just like to click. This feature is what they used when developing their iPad app.

How RockMelt works: when it has imported the interests and social feeds, it allows you to subscribe to your chosen outlets that you can choose from a big list of top sites and blogs around the world. And once you have done that, you can simply sit back and read content as the latest posts are delivered to you. It makes you hooked on to your tablet. Experience a new kind of addiction. iPad is addictive enough already, but with RockMelt, you will not want to let it go.

Rockmelt for iPadWant to learn something new, or just craving for a ‘lol’? Simply pull out your tab and open RockMelt. There are categories like Tech News and LMAO to keep you educated and entertained.

It works kind-of like the newsfeed feature of Facebook. On Facebook you get updates from your friends, while on RockMelt you get updates from the websites that you mark as favorites. And when you see some content that interests you, simply tap on it and it will open up in another window. The speed at which this content loads is also amazing. It is said that RockMelt has made deals with many publishers to provide them with quick-loading versions of their content (and fewer ads), and in return they will get more recognition and traffic. It’s a win-win situation.

Another great thing about RockMelt is its search feature. It can scan all feeds for the keywords you provide. And if it is unable to find the stuff you are looking for, it takes you to the Google search page- simple as that!

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