Samsung Galaxy Products: A Cut Above The Rest

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Samsung is the market leader in terms of smartphone sales. Samsung galaxy products are ahead of its class and are known for its innovative features and affordable price. The company’s position at the head of the pack is due to the technical innovations that they keep coming up with for their range of smartphones and what has been termed “phablets“, devices that are halfway between a phone and a tablet, combined with the low prices the devices cost. Consumers know that even while making savings on their device, they are not compromising on quality or cutting-edge technology. Here are some of the features of Samsung galaxy products that make them market leaders.


Most smartphones use a 4-digit pin code for users to protect their device. The latest Samsung innovation sees them given the option to use their fingerprint instead, which makes the device much harder to access by other people should it be stolen.


The Galaxy Note Edge is the first phablet on the market to feature a screen that extends beyond the facing plane of the phone, curving around the right-hand edge of the device. Samsung’s screen innovation means the screen remains visible even when the phone is held on its side. It also allows more room for icons, making the device very useful for those who use the Note as more of a conventional computer and require lots of function accessibility.


The newest versions of the Galaxy feature one of the longest lasting batteries on the market, with a 12-hour lifespan. This allows users to surf the web for 10 hours or watch video for 12 hours before needing to recharge the device. The company also added an improved energy saver mode to further enhance power savings.


The latest version of Samsung’s signature smartphone is protected against the elements, allowing owners to use it even in wet or dusty conditions. As this protection is an integral part of the design, users do not have to buy a separate screen cover or case for the phone, as they do with many competing devices. The S5 is also waterproof up to a depth of 3 metres, meaning that if you drop it in a puddle the phone will be fine.

The combination of innovative technology and low prices has made Samsung products among the most popular on the market. With the company’s commitment to forward thinking and evolution of phones and phablets, are sure to continue their success. For many people “smartphone” means “Samsung”.

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