Say Hello to Dots

by Thea 0

Do you remember the moment when you enjoyed playing Angry Birds for the first time? Or, perhaps you remember the time when you first held the glittery iPhone 4 in your hands and thought if a phone could really be so beautiful. Now a new company is promising to bring the addiction of Angry Birds and the minimalist magnificence of Apple‘s devices in a single product.

The Idea behind the Game

The idea behind the new initiative “Dots” is relatively simple – connect the dots. It takes inspiration from an old game we all played with our friends and classmates when we were children. We played it during humanities class, and with siblings on long journeys. A company, Betaworks, is promising a digital edition of the same old game, with a twist.

The twist is that the rules have been changed a little to make the game more suited to the digital world. No longer do you need another player for a competitor. There are no rules that only allow single lines at a time. Instead the game asks you to connect the dots that have the same color, and that are falling in a single line. The points you get depend on the number of dots you can connect. Two-dimensional figures like a square gain you more points.

Each game lasts for one minute. You are always running against the clock.

The mere idea of making a new game in this age, when the app-stores of different devices are filled to the brims with games of all sorts, is puzzling. There are big names like the Angry Birds, and then there are all sorts of games that range from silly to the outrageous ones.

Dots is now out in the app store. It is set to face the tough competition and there are chances that it may succeed. One of the major factors that may work in the game’s favor is the childhood memories it brings. Sentiments cannot be taken lightly when there is a huge market of gamers. A few are bound to end up loving it, and this may initiate a chain reaction.

Another factor that plays out in the game’s favor is its UI. It is so easy that even children can play it. Yet it is challenging enough that adults will get some mental stimulation from it. The designers have worked hard to ensure the digital avatar of the game is as simple as the paper version.

According to Paul Murphy, Betaworks co-founder, designing this game was a difficult challenge. He said that the team spent a lot of time figuring out what would make this game click.

The game designers plan to make money through the use of dots. The dots form the cash of the game. A player earns dots by playing well. These dots can then be exchanged for powers which enhance the ability of a player. The same powers will be available for other players who are willing to spend money. The game creators hope to find sufficient no. of such players to sustain their venture.

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