Get Out of Your House With Schemer From Google

by Briley 2

It’s a dreary Sunday morning, and your friends canceled, again. You’re left doing nothing but sitting around contemplating what you should be doing. Your friends usually have the schemes and plans about what to do. When your friends forsake you, you’re stuck with a few dull ideas or duplicate activities that don’t quite resonate in your mind as something you’d love to do. Instead, you’d rather sit at home because you don’t want to bother searching for nearby activities. Therefore, you waste your entire Sunday doing absolutely nothing, just like most other weekends.

Okay, so the scenario above may be a little more dramatic than what you’re used to, but you get the point, right? It can be difficult to brainstorm ideas about fun activities, and things to do nearby, that will essentially get you out of the house.

Don’t fret, we’ve got the perfect app for you, and it has been developed by none other than the infamous Google.

I want to do it - SchemerSchemer – The Beginning of Everything Worth Doing

The idea that drives Schemer is utterly brilliant. Just to get you a little hyped up, here’s a quick byline from Google’s explanation of the app.

“Are you curious? Ambitious? Daring? Start doing more awesome stuff by using Schemer.”

Here is a quick breakdown of what Schemer actually does. Schemer is a location based app that scans the surrounding area for related activities and things to do.

Sure, there are lots of apps available that just list a bunch of things to do nearby, except not quite like this.

Schemer not only lists your standard outdoor activities, and restaurants, it lists just about everything you can think of. Want an idea of what to do for dinner or what to do while you’re at home? Would you even like some ideas about fabulous cocktail recipes, local fashion tips, do-it-yourself projects or even books to read? Schemer has it all.


Schemer Main Page

In fact, Schemer has the following categories, or lists, of things to do:

  • Beauty
  • Books
  • Cooking
  • Cocktails
  • Date Night
  • Do-It-Yourself
  • Fashion
  • Gifts
  • Home Improvement
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Movies
  • Nearby
  • Outdoors
  • Restaurants
  • Staying Home
  • Television
  • Vacation
  • Weekend Getaway

As you can see from that compiled list, there are a lot of ideas on Schemer!

The best part about Schemer is that the schemes are created by people just like you and me, not some computerized bot program. In fact, once you start using the app you can even create your own schemes to share with the community, or keep them private if you so desire.

How Schemer Works

Schemer Activity StreamAccording to Google, “a scheme is anything you might want to do – from taking a mixology course to surfing sand dunes.”

You sign into Schemer using your Google account, and the app associates all activity with your Google+ profile. Schemer mostly scans your Google+ circles for other users taking advantage of the app and populates your lists with the relevant data.

You choose one of the activity lists (as noted above) and then browse existing schemes for ideas of what to do. If you have an idea of what you want to do, even if it is something to do later, you can create a scheme to share with others.

Once you’ve found a scheme you might want to do, you simply add it to your Schemer profile and continue on your merry way. If you complete a scheme that you’ve already chosen, you can go back and select “I’ve done it”. Then of course, you can comment on how the activity was, or give a brief public message for others.

Once you start using the app you’ll see an active, thriving community that is filled with users endlessly trying to share effective ideas with others. After some time of using the app, you’d be hard pressed to find at least one scheme you didn’t want to do.

Schemer User ProfileThe Schemer Browser Client

So, let’s say you don’t have the best phone or you’d much rather browse Schemer via a laptop or desktop computer. Schemer actually has a website client that you can use to browse schemes and activities.

It works just like the mobile app, except the user interface is clearly larger.

Get Schemer Now

Schemer is available for Android and iOS devices via the appropriate app markets. You can also sign up and use Schemer via the official site if you’re not keen on using a smartphone.

You’ll need a Google email account, and we would also recommend an active Google+ social profile. For those of you don’t know what Google+ is, it’s a social network (like Facebook or Twitter), that was developed by Google.

No more sitting around and sulking alone at home, get out of the house by creating some of your own schemes or taking advantage of existing ones! There are tons of enjoyable activities and ideas on Schemer, and a lot of them you will never find on your own unless you try out the service!

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