Sitepoint Releases Web Development Job Listing Hub: Sitepoint Market

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In the web development world finding suitable clients or repeat customers can be tough, especially for young entrepreneurs and small web design companies.

Sitepoint Market LogoTo help out and turn finding work into less of a chore, Sitepoint has re-released the Sitepoint Market in a standalone site version. Up until now Sitepoint has hosted the Sitepoint Market as a side feature on its main site, which was originally started in 2005. However due to its increased success (Sitepoint quotes close to 3 million visitors per month) the Sitepoint team has decided to move the market completely to a standalone functioning website.

Sitepoint is a classified ads style listing site (think Craigslist) where users can post advertisements on both ends of the professional web development spectrum; whether that be looking for work or providing it. It includes an incredibly in-depth category list of work options, which can most certainly not be found anywhere else.

Sitepoint Market CategoriesThe makeup of the site is designed for simple and straightforward use. When visiting there are three obvious categories to search within; “find products”, “find projects”, and “find people”. Each category has its own personalized content and job type listing which developers and buyers can browse.

The new standalone site is young and was just recently started so at this point in time the listings aren’t quite as populated as they should be, but in due time they will fill right back up with work opportunities. To increase use of the site Sitepoint is providing a special launch deal which allows “site founders” (the first users) $50 worth of advertising credit for future postings providing they post an ad within the first seven days of launch (runs until March 7th).

Featured ListingsIf you’re a web developer with a great background and would like to advertise your services or are a company looking to expand by outsourcing work then the Sitepoint Market is a great place to start. A standard profile is free to create, and there are also free ad listings for those not willing to pay. For those who are willing to shell out some advertising cash, the site functions with a unique currency called “Marketplace credits” which can be replenished or converted (into US dollars) with a linked PayPal account. More specifically the marketplace credits are used to post and respond to paid advertisements on the site. One credit is equal to US $1 which means the payout listings of all job advertisements are direct translations of the total job payout.

In most cases wasting money on finding jobs is not recommended but the Sitepoint Market is so widely used by professional development companies like Los Angeles Web Design that advertising individual services on the site would surely provide an income return.

As a side note, the official or main Sitepoint website (where the Sitepoint Market stemmed from) is dedicated to professional and consumer web development and design. It features a frequently updated blog, loaded with thousands of web development tips and ideas in a plethora of development areas. For the most part Sitepoint serves as a training environment for novice and intermediate web developers with an extensive availability of online development courses and training sessions.

More ListingsFor more complete site listing information and advertising pricing quotes visit the official Sitepoint Market website. Check out the “Frequently Asked Questions” section for more direct answers and information on inner site workings.

The Sitepoint Market

We have created an internal forum thread on Sitepoint’s web development job listing tool. Please join the discussion and let us know your thoughts and opinions. Do you use the Sitepoint Market; if so how is it? Do you use alternative classified job ads for advertising? Are there additional places you look for web development work? Please let us know! The thread can be found here!

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  1. We have one on thetechlabs here too. Just click on ‘community’ tab above and you can post FREE! 🙂

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