Smart Phones For Smart Homes

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We all know our favorite smart phones can give us the immense pleasure of shooting little angry birds at unsuspecting and immobile piglets. You’re all probably also familiar with an additional hundred other “useful” applications for these little handheld devices as well. They certainly make our lives easier, and often more fun, there’s no doubt there, but just how helpful can smart phones actually be? How much power do they really hold? The answer, when looking at the latest in home automation technology offered by companies like Vivint, and their subsequent link to smart phones is… quite a bit. Check out what people are saying about this technology in the way of Vivint reviews for a more personal account. Until then though, here are some of the applications for smart phones in the way of automated homes.


Lights/AppliancesJust with the click of a few buttons on your smart phone, one can have remote access to all the lights and many appliances in their home. That means that if you realize later in the day that you forgot to turn your kitchen lights off this morning, all you have to do is pull out your phone, tap a few keys, and they’re off. Not only is this extremely convenient, it’ll also save you money on electricity costs.

Security Features

One can watch real-time surveillance video feeds also remotely from their smart phone with this new technology. Also, they can receive immediate alerts if windows, doors, or other sensitive in-house areas are being tampered with. Another amazing set of tools utilizing the power of our smart phones.

Climate Control

Climate ControlThat’s right, you can also control the temperature of your house… from your cell phone. This too can make for some serious energy savings if you forget to turn the thermostat down on a particularly warm day. Similarly, you can warm the house up for your family before anyone gets home from school or work if it’s been a chilly day

Automatic Door Locks

This is a personal favorite of mine. If you’ve ever wished you could open your front door with the click of a button, just like your car, then wait no more, because now you can. You can also open the door for a friend or child from anywhere on the planet with your smart phone; pretty impressive stuff, huh?

If you were hesitant to back the amazing abilities of smart phones before, then the advent and affordability of these new technologies is sure to get you thinking again. See what customers are saying in their Vivint reviews to see if their many services and products would benefit your family. If nothing else, they’d give you a whole new set of toys to play with on your already incredibly smart, smart phone. Only now, you may just have a smart home to go with.

This is a guest post by Sam Peters.

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