Even Snakes Love a Ferrari

by The Tech Labs 32

Even Snakes Love a Ferrari

This is not Tech related, but it is 100% real, no Photoshop and not staged. The pictures were taken by my brother at my parents house in Australia…

The snake came into the half empty garage, as most of the family was out and posed for the camera on his way to find a spot to rest.

Check it out…

Snake in Ferrari

Spotting the Ferrari 430 Spider tucked away and looking comfortable, already hibernating under its covers, the snake veered sharp left to go join the resting beast…

Snake in Ferrari

Not wanting a snake hiding under the covers of one of your cars (what sane person does), my brother rushed to try and chase it out, in the process hurrying the snake up under the covers, but not under the car, not between the car and the covers….

BUT…. into the engine!

Snake in Ferrari

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A short while later my brother returned to see if the snake was still posing in the engine, but instead he was now totally comfortable and having a sleep, we were fully expecting to see his family join him in there, but uneventfully… later in the day, he left his resting place and headed for the bushes.

Snake in Ferrari

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Once again, thank you for checking out these 100% real photos!

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