The Songza Music App Gives You Music For Your Mood

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The Songza Music app completely removes all the work involved in listening to music. Sure, many will say there is no work involved in simply playing music from an application- but the truth is, you don’t realize how much work there is until it’s gone.

Songza and its fresh “Concierge” service will not only introduce listeners to new music, it will also streamline genres and help consumers choose a music playlist to perfectly compliment their mood or activity.

Songza Music App

Working or studying and need a lyrical free playlist? Want a rhythmic energy boost empowered by music? How about easing the tension at work with a soft melody? No problem, the Songza music app has a playlist for all those activities and moods.

How The Songza Music App Works

Songza PlaylistsSongza correctly identifies the time of day and lists a series of playlists that are most suitable. For instance, if a user browses the Songza music app early in the morning they will be offered some great playlists for early morning activities; playlists tailored for things like energy boosting, relaxing, waking up or even starting work.

All of Songza’s playlists are made by music experts, that is important folks who understand the exact science of music and moods. The community can also contribute by creating playlists; playlists which will then be featured on the site and in various categories if it correctly encompasses the proper mood and theme. The Songza music app also utilizes social media networks to display relevant data, such as a friend’s current listening experience or a family member’s favorite genre and material.

The most important aspect of the Songza music app is that it doesn’t force users to choose music based on an artist, track title or genre. Users can rightfully choose a related theme (Coffee Shop Indie), area of interest (Indie Mornings and Country Ballads) or even a specific music era (90s one hit wonders, music fashion of the week). This helps music lovers everywhere broaden their horizons and experience new material, and it also fits moods and activities better than just choosing a great “hair metal” station.

The Songza Music App is Free & Includes no Intrusive Ads

Probably the most amazing, and no doubt the best feature, of the Songza music app is that it’s completely free. Not only is it free on all available platforms, but Songza is also devoid of intrusive advertisements.

That means if you’re playing a great Songza playlist for a cocktail party your music won’t be bombarded by radio style advertisements or interrupted by frequent sponsor messages. The Songza music app is completely advertisement free, at least in a general audio sense.

Songza No AdsBoth the application and the full size website include visual advertisements, such as banners and featured ads but there are absolutely no pop-ups and no intruding visual ads either. The Songza music app truly gives a streamlined music experience no matter what platform the user is on.

The Songza music app devs have discussed the idea of an advertisement free environment, that is completely free of subscription fees and includes no barriers or limits on listening activity – they’ve identified that back-end revenue streams are working to keep the app exactly as it is.

The Songza Music App is For Everyone

Songza SocialThe Songza music app works to compete with Spotify, Pandora, Last.FM and all the big name internet radio services by simply appealing to listeners who don’t know exactly what music they want to listen to. To further elaborate, most internet radio users fall into a category where they don’t know what type of music they want to listen to, or don’t want to be forced to listen to the same stale radio stations over and over because they don’t know any new artists or track titles.

Songza will allow all users the option to listen to music based on a mood, activity or theme without needing to research relevant artists or tracks. Users simply browse to the website or application, choose the time of day they are most interested in and Songza will offer the best options and mood choices right away.

Songza will eventually offer choices based on a user’s account preferences. If a user constantly chooses one mood type, genre or activity the Songza music app will memorize this information and start to suggest options that are more relevant to that user.

We’re all for a smarter music app, and we’re certainly all for a music app that removes all the guesswork out of choosing a proper music playlist. Check out the Songza music app, you may find that you feel the same way.

Songza Music App for Android

Songza Music App for iOS

In addition to applications for Android and iOS the Songza music app is also available for larger Android OS tablets and has a unique version designed specifically for larger screen iPads. Consumers who have no listed devices can also use Songza via the official website.

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