Tablet Wars – Sony Announces Two Android Tablets

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Sony Android Tablets – Another contestant enters the market to intensify the Tablet War. Sony with its two Android tablets code named S1 and S2, puts forward its best-in-league tablets on the table. Both have been designed to give a different experience to the users; Sony S1 being like the iPad, while S2 being like Nintendo DSi. Both Sony Android Tablets are powered by Honeycomb.

Sony Android Tablets

Apple has been a leader in the tablet market since April 2010, since the launch of its iPad. Sony’s entry into this fragmented market was much anticipated, but it took a little longer than other manufacturers. Nevertheless, it’s expected that the brand name Sony will be more than enough to help the electronics giant gain some share in the tablet market. This is because now all the tablets come with almost same specifications; therefore, only a brand name is needed to bring all the difference.

Sony Android Tablets features: The race begins…

Sony Android TabletsNow let’s talk specifications! S1 is designed to give a competition to iPad and has a 9.4-inch screen having a folded magazine design. Some of the functionalities include a Tegra 2 processor, customized touch panel UI and web browser, and front and rear-facing cameras. The S1 uses infrared technology and functions as a universal remote control for a variety of AV devices.

The other participant in the tablet race representing Sony is S2, which is a dual-screen clamshell with two 5.5-inch 1,024 x 480 pixel displays, a Tegra 2 processor, and a camera. It has a dual-screen design which has never been seen in tablets ever before.

S2’s two 5.5-inch screens fold onto one another making it portable. Sony uses a custom book-style UI layout for apps like e-reader and email in order to complement the unique design of S2.

There are many functions common to both these tablets. Number one being that they both support PlayStation Suite, which is Sony’s new platform allowing users to download and play PlayStation games. Both the tablets come with DLNA functionality, so that they can project content to a large screen. Moreover, they have WiFi and are 3G/4G compatible. Sony will also add several of its own features like the ability to transmit video and music to TVs and stereos using the DLNA wireless streaming standard.

Sony Android Tablets Hit The Market

The Sony Android tablets are expected to come for retail somewhere at the end of 2011; however, there is no information available as to how much it would be retailed for.

All the specifications sound cool and it seems like something that tablet enthusiasts would immediately want to grab once it’s available for retail. Let’s wish Sony good luck and hope that the Sony Android tablets succeed in materializing all the specification mentioned above.

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