Technology That Can Transform The Workplace

by The Tech Labs 1

When the internet was initially introduced, it had little impact on the way in which businesses operated. It was only in the late 1980s that the internet began to truly revolutionise the way in which business was done locally and internationally.

The modern workplace of today is now almost completely reliant on the internet and modern technology. It has forever changed the way in which we communicate and work, speeding up processes that before where highly expensive and time consuming. This article will cover some of the most important technological developments and how they have transformed the business world.

Cloud storage

Technology That Can Transform The WorkplaceCloud storage is one of the most important technological developments to have changed the way in which we work. Long gone are the days of having highly expensive networking systems for the sharing of data within a business. With cloud based storage, information is stored remotely, and is accessible from anywhere.

Cloud storage has therefore gone on to revolutionise the way information is distributed by businesses, both internally and externally. Cloud based storage has also meant that even small businesses can have some form of IT infrastructure at extremely low costs, streamlining the way in which small businesses operate.

Smartphones and tablets

These devices have become extremely prevalent in the modern age, allowing for business owners and workers to be accessible 24/7 through a number of channels such as email, text, video and voice calling and VOIP. These devices when paired with cloud based storage can allow for workers to access vital information at any time and location. These new technologies have been shown to save small business owners and workers approximately 11 hours a week, boosting productivity and profits to new heights.

Networking and VOIP

The way in which businesses communicate internally and externally has dramatically changed since the 90s. With the many networking developments made, offices all over the world can operate as if they were all in one building through the use of services such as mpls and mitel. International business has become much less reliant on business trips as most conversations can be done over the internet through video conferencing. This in turn has saved businesses huge amounts of time and money as their workforce can be put to work on more pressing projects.

Technology has undoubtedly changed the small and large business world for the better as it has freed business owners and workers from the shackles of time consuming clerical work and brought clients and co-workers closer together, regardless of the distances separating them.

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