PowerA MOGA Controller Gets a Release Date

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We’ve talked about the PowerA MOGA controller for Android before. PowerA originally unveiled the MOGA controller earlier this year in June. They made it abundantly clear that their goal is to change mobile gaming. There is no mistaking the fact that mobile gaming is picking up, and more and more AAA titles are being released for Android and iPhone devices.

PowerA Strives to Change Mobile Gaming Controls With The MOGA Controller

Unfortunately, mobile gaming makes use of one of the worst control schemes in the gaming market, touch based controls. Sure, touch controls can have their uses, but when trying to play a game with a virtual analog stick or virtual buttons, the action can be interrupted by sluggish responsiveness. Not to mention the fact that virtual analog sticks are downright inaccurate.

PowerA has plans to provide an excellent mobile gaming controller that is outfitted for use with a plethora of games and not just one or two. Most portable gaming controllers only work with a handful of games. The PowerA MOGA has at least 14 compatible titles already listed, and more are on the way.

The Power A MOGA Controller For Android

The MOGA Gaming Controller

MOGA is apparently an acronym for Mobile Gaming Controller, and that’s exactly what PowerA has unveiled. The MOGA Controller is compatible with Android tablets and phones and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The MOGA controller includes dual analog sticks and a more traditional console control scheme that should be far superior to the common touch screen controls provided by most mobile games. In addition to the analog sticks, the MOGA controller also includes a four button layout (similar to a PSP, PS3, or Xbox controller) and two top mounted triggers.

The Power A MOGA Controller is Compatible With Android TabletsThe controller secures to the connected phone thanks to a rather unique and integrated foldout stand. It can also connect to Android powered tablets, without the stand, to make use of larger size screens.

Currently, there are only a total of 14 games listed to work with the MOGA but the list will, hopefully, grow by the end of the year. The compatible games include Duke Nukem 3D, Six Guns, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, Painkiller: Purgatory HD, Sonic CD and more.

The MOGA controller will come bundled with an exclusive app called “MOGA Pivot” that will operate parallel to Google Play. MOGA Pivot will list compatible games and update all the necessary software to optimize use of the controller. Pivot will also examine apps installed on the Android device for compatibility; if and when pre-installed games become compatible, the app will automatically install the appropriate control profile for use with MOGA.

The PowerA MOGA Controller Finally Gets a Release Date & Price

The PowerA MOGA controller will be available at “key retailers” on October 21, for $49.99. It will be bundled with free copies of Sonic CD and Pac-Man which you can redeem through Google Play. The PowerA MOGA controller is only compatible with Android devices running the Gingerbread OS or higher.

PowerA also offers the aforementioned companion app, available via Google Play, which includes the necessary software to enable use of the controller with compatible games. It also doubles as a catalog for games that are compatible with the MOGA.

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